Server-side in 6 questions

The transition to server-side data collection is becoming the new collection standards, in response to the gradual disappearance of third-party cookies and e-privacy regulations. This revolutionary method provides greater control and meets new regulatory requirements in terms of data confidentiality. Find out how Commanders Act is facilitating this move to server-side for more efficient and secure data collection. Here are our answers to 6 frequently asked questions about server-side!

What is server-side data collection?

Server-side is a revolution in the world of collecting user behavioural data. The data is collected by a central server and sent by API to your partners, according to the rules you have defined and after any processing (filtering, anonymisation, standardisation).

How is server-side different from the previous collection?

Until recently, data collection was exclusively client inside. The browser loaded pixels from partners (Google, Meta, Criteo, etc.) which captured data directly from the page without any transformation or control. In a way, the tags were taking their data directly from you. In fact, some tags were calling on other hidden tags to supply them with data (piggybacking technique). Server-side makes it possible to unify data collection and decide who has the right to receive data.

Is switching to server-side mandatory?

The move to server-side is more a rational choice for digital teams than a regulatory requirement. However, it is gradually becoming the new standard as a result of the changes underway, such as the disappearance of third-party cookies and privacy regulations. It is also a perfect response to the need for advertisers to regain control of their customers’ data and not leave it to others to use as they see fit.

Is server-side collection easy to deploy?

Yes, very simple. Whether you’re using Commanders Act’s Enterprise Tag Manager or have linked your GTM, you can access a library of server-side destinations such as GEC (Google Enhanced Conversions) or Meta CAPI (Conversions API) that allows you to deploy destinations very quickly.

How can Commanders Act help me with the integration of server-side?

With the release of its X platform in 2022, Commanders Act is establishing itself as the European leader in server-side data collection. The Enterprise Tag Manager product allows a smooth and progressive transition from client-side to the new architecture. With over 100 server-side destinations to date, all your marketing partners are covered.

I’m using Google Tag manager (GTM), how do I go about it?

Commanders Act has been a Google-certified technology partner for many years, and deploying a GTM server-side is just a few clicks away. By synchronising GTM and Enterprise Tag Manager, you can take advantage of the 100 server-side destinations available to supply your partners, as well as all the deployment testing and data quality control systems.

To start your transition to the server-side era, contact our team!