Enterprise Tag Manager

Transform, Enrich & Deliver Data

Enhance data from your data sources using comprehensive transformation scripts, and improve advertising insights & targeting.

Why Shift to Server-Side Data Collection & Delivery is Crucial?

Client-side tags have acted like a free, self-service buffet, allowing numerous adtech entities to extensively exploit user data through tag piggybacking.

The shift to Server side is the new standard in customer data collection given other changes underway in the data ecosystem such as:

  • Disappearance of third-party cookies,
  • Privacy regulations
  • Ineffective client-side tagging & data capture
  • Reluctant, privacy-wary customers

Server-side is the optimal solution to regain control of data to continuously build a superior customer profile database to enhance personalization.

Use Cases For Consent Management & Optimisation

Integrating GEC & CAPIs

With 17 ready-to-use CAPI destinations, Platform X covers most of your needs. More data sent means better targeting and higher ROI.

GTM-ready Server-Side Integration

Already using a client-side integration of GTM on your site or app? Want to swiftly move to server-side destinations?

Transform Your Data, No Tech Skills Needed

Optimize data management with our Enterprise Tag Manager, featuring tools to clean, standardize, and enhance data. Our platform includes a wide range of scripts and straightforward rule builders for easy data refinement.

Transform event properties specifically for each destination without losing data quality.

Our no-code transformation tools can easily improve your data such as:

  • Event renaming & creation
  • Event adjustments, and filtering
  • Custom adjustments for unique use cases 

Leverage dynamic data enrichment, integrating with product catalogs, CRM databases, external APIs, and more, for advanced insights and efficiency. Our solutions prepare your data for its destination, maximizing its value.

Control Data Delivery on the Fly

Ensure your data’s integrity with our real-time detection and correction system, delivering clean and compliant data for improved targeting and conversions. Our active monitoring systems align data to platform partner guidelines & requirements, to greatly enhance performance.

Our Event Delivery interface offers clear insights into data transmission, displaying metrics, trends, and errors for a complete data health overview with effective remedy & troubleshooting alerts. Actionable error notifications help facilitate quick resolutions, ensuring uninterrupted data flow.

Customizable alerts can proactively notify you of delivery issues, keeping you informed and focused while maintaining data quality without the need for constant oversight.

Client & Server-Side Destinations

Optimize your data strategy with Client and Server-Side integrations, ensuring efficient and comprehensive handling while speeding up your time-to-market. 

Over 1,200 ready-to-use data destinations, including 100+ server-side APIs from leading platforms such as Meta, Amazon, and TikTok.

Our solution enables effortless integration across various channels (i.e. advertising, CRM, and analytics) without requiring technical expertise.

Simplify data alignment with destination-specific requirements through smart mapping, while our Destination Builder allows for easy creation of custom destinations, accommodating all skill levels. This flexibility ensures your data delivery is tailored, compliant, and efficient, keeping your strategy agile.