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Single Source of Truth

Ensure a real understanding of campaign performance by leveraging data-driven attribution to speed up decision-making across marketing efforts for increased ROI.

Why it’s Important to Have a Single Source of Truth for Your Campaigns?

Having a Single Source of Truth for your campaigns is pivotal in today’s fragmented digital marketing landscape. It ensures consistency, accuracy, and reliability across all data points, enabling marketers to make better informed decisions.

With a Single Source of Truth, acquisition teams avoid the pitfalls of data silos and conflicting information, which can lead to inefficient budget allocation, misguided strategies, and missed opportunities.

A Single Source of Truth empowers organizations with a unified view of campaign performance, customer behavior, and marketing ROI. It facilitates seamless collaboration across teams, enhances data-driven decision-making, and accelerates the ability to respond to market changes. Moreover, it streamlines reporting and analysis, saving time and resources while improving strategic agility. In essence, an Single Source of Truth is not just about consolidating data; it’s about fostering a culture of trust and transparency in your data. It allows for a more strategic, coherent approach to campaign management, ensuring that every decision is based on accurate, comprehensive insights.

Use Cases For Single Source of Truth

Empowering Full-Funnel Campaign Analysis

Avoid focalizing on a single objective by leveraging impact-based KPIs at each level of the funnel.

Understanding Channels Roles

Analyze which campaigns are driving the initial interactions and which one are easing the last step to better allocate budgets.

Analysing Customer Journeys

Understand what are the relations between channels to find the most relevant combinations and taylor your ad strategies.

Data-driven Attribution Based on Behaviours

Elevate your ad campaign insights with our cutting-edge attribution model, designed to demystify the true impact of your marketing efforts. Our data-driven behavioral approach intends to understand the contribution of each touchpoint along a consumer’s path to conversion. By meticulously analyzing the actions following each visit, we provide a precise understanding of what truly influences user decisions.

Our proprietary algorithm dives deep into behavioral analysis, offering a unique perspective on the influence of each advertisement. This method is highly adaptable, allowing you to pinpoint and assign importance to specific onsite events that signify user engagement, ensuring a tailored analysis that aligns with your marketing objectives.

The algorithm reconstructs individual customer journeys, applying sophisticated calculations to yield comprehensive path-to-conversion reports. These reports detail the contribution percentage of each touchpoint, alongside a suite of attributed KPIs for each granularity level. With our solution, gain unparalleled clarity on your campaigns’ effectiveness and optimize your strategy with confidence.

Challenge Ad Platform KPIs

Refine your approach to ad performance with a critical evaluation of platform-reported KPIs versus our attributed KPIs. Ad platforms often report conversions that may favor their outcomes, neglecting the broader spectrum of your marketing efforts across various channels. This skewed perspective can lead to an overestimation of ad effectiveness, misguiding budget allocations and compromising overall campaign performance.

Our solution offers a clearer, unbiased view by providing attributed KPIs that encompass the entire conversion journey, free from any ad vendor’s influence. This comprehensive approach ensures a more accurate assessment of each touchpoint’s true impact.

By juxtaposing ad platform KPIs with our attributed metrics across every campaign layer, you gain deep insights into genuine ad performance. This enables strategic investment adjustments, enhancing efficiency and maximizing the return on your advertising spend. Our method not only challenges conventional metrics but also empowers you to make informed decisions based on a holistic understanding of campaign effectiveness.

Full-Funnel Analysis at Core

Elevate your advertising strategy with our Full Funnel Analysis, a cutting-edge methodology designed to dissect ad effectiveness across every stage of the marketing funnel. This approach allows you to pinpoint precisely where an ad shines in achieving specific objectives or falls short across the spectrum, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its overall impact.

Our analysis hinges on Impact-oriented KPIs, metrics meticulously chosen to reveal an ad’s true influence on potential customers. For awareness, we go beyond reach and impressions to assess user interactions within the ad platform—these interactions are tangible indicators of engagement. In the consideration phase, we examine if clicks translate into meaningful site visits, evaluating the visit quality and cost-efficiency against other ads. Finally, for conversions, we scrutinize profitability and customer acquisition, distinguishing between new and returning clients.

By analyzing these critical dimensions, we offer an unparalleled assessment of ad effectiveness, empowering you to make informed decisions that optimize your advertising spend and drive tangible results. Our Full-Funnel Analysis not only illuminates the path to success but also ensures every marketing dollar contributes to your overarching goals.