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Campaigns Data Hub

Centralize marketing data from any source, enabling streamlined analysis through a comprehensive set of reports, designed to save time & efforts to your acquisition team.

Why do you need to centralize marketing data in one place?

As the number of marketing channels used by businesses and organizations is growing, centralizing marketing data is a key move for increased productivity and efficiency of marketing teams.

Efficiency and Streamlined Processes: centralized data makes it easier to access and analyze. Teams spend less time organizing reports and more time focusing on achieving business goals.

Global View: having all your data in a single location provides a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts. You can analyze cross-channel data, campaigns and targeting strategies from one place without connecting to multiple interface.

Improved Reporting and Decision Making: centralization usually comes with automatic updates. By constantly creating, decision making is easier and reactivity much quicker.

Use Cases For Campaigns Data Hub

Centralising Campaign Data

Copy-pasting data in excel is a good job for robots. Let Humans focus on more added-value tasks.

Easily Deploying Dashboards

Tired of loading errors in Looker studio? IT doesn’t have time to work on your dashboards?

Detecting Unexpected Overspending

Marketing channels sometimes have surprising behaviors.

Centralise ad & analytics data effortlessly

Multiplication of channels, co-management by media agencies, and rise of auto-bidding algorithms… All those are filtering layers between an advertiser and the direct understanding on how its marketing budgets are spent. Our goal is to give direct access to marketing data, without intermediary, without delay.

Centralize all your marketing data within the Adloop datamart using our library of over +200 API connectors. If a connector is missing, feel free to request its addition from our support team.

Use your login credentials for increased security and choose the variables you want to import from advertising and analytics platforms, whether those are standard or customized.

Taylor-made reports for easy sharing

Despite the numerous available dashboards, marketing teams remain dissatisfied due to slow loading or loading errors and challenges in digging the data, particularly at a granular level.

Adloop has addressed all these issues by offering a rich, user-friendly, and agile interface to custom-build dashboards and reports.

You can create 7 different types of reports from scratch or access a library of dozens of pre-built dashboards or optimization reports that you can customize as desired.

Report loading is instantaneous thanks to the historical data stored in the Adloop Datamart and a robust, cloud-optimized architecture for rapid data access.

Tailoring your marketing datamart

Adloop is a toolbox. We have designed an array of features to help marketers and analysts manipulate data and build the most relevant analyses:

  1. Automatic Normalization: automatically groups dimensions or metrics of the same nature.
  2. Custom Dimensions: create cross-channel and campaign-specific dimensions.
  3. Calculated Metrics: generate the KPIs you need using our formula editor.
  4. Automatic and Custom Matching: automatically or manually match data between advertising platforms and analytics for cross-channel measurements.