Commanders Act values your privacy

Our personal data protection policy provides information on:

  • The personal data that is collected and processed when you use Commanders Act’s website (“Site”);
  • How your personal data is used and protected;
  • Your rights regarding your personal data;
  • How to contact us to exercise your rights.


Some personal data is necessary for us to address your requests and needs.

Examples include when:

  • You ask to be contacted;
  • You create an account ;
  • You use our Site.

This personal data includes:

  • Your name and email address as well as the name of the organisation you work for;
  • Your cookie preferences.

When you interact with our Site, some data is automatically collected by your internet browser.

Information regarding this data can be found in the “How we manage cookies” chapter below.

This data includes cookies, IP addresses, data identifying your internet browser, its version and web tags.

The browser extension reads out cookie information (Name, Expire At, Storage Domain, httpOnly Flag, Secure Flag; Cookie Values are not read out and stored) and sends it to Commanders Act servers to create anonymous cookie reports.

The browser extension collects data to analyse the setup and installation of the Commanders Act platform on websites (Container, Variables, Cookies) and displays them inside a Chrome Extension widget. This info is not stored on a server and only processed in the browser.


Data Collection

The Commanders Act Assistant browser extension collects the following data:

Cookie Information: The extension reads out cookie information including Name, Expire At, Storage Domain, httpOnly Flag, and Secure Flag. This data is sent securely to our servers via SSL and is used to build an anonymous cookie dictionary for the Cookies scanner function of Commanders Act. The collected data is 100% anonymous and is not shared with third parties. The value of cookies is never collected. 

How We Use the Collected Information

The collected cookie data is used to build an anonymous cookie dictionary for the Cookies scanner function of Commanders Act. This cookie dictionary helps enrich the information of a cookie listing per site that our clients can view in the Cookie Scanner feature.

Data Security

Data collected and transmitted to our servers is done securely via SSL to ensure its protection during transmission.

Data Retention

The collected cookie data is stored anonymously and retained only for the period necessary to build and update the cookie dictionary.

Data Processing

The Commanders Act Assistant browser extension processes the following data within the user’s browser:

Setup and Installation Data: This includes data related to the setup and installation of the Commanders Act platform on websites (Container, Variables, Tags). This information is
displayed inside a Chrome Extension widget and is not stored on a server. It is only processed within the browser to provide real-time information to the user.

How We Use the Processed Information

The processed data on setup and installation is used to analyze the configuration of the Commanders Act platform on the websites you visit. This information is displayed to the user within the browser extension and is not transmitted to our servers or shared with third parties.

Data Sharing

We do not share the collected or processed data with any third parties.


When you use our Site, we will inform you in due course or, in some cases, ask for your consent before collecting your data. For example, when you sign up to our newsletter.

Your consent can be collected from our Site or when you sign up to our services.


We use your personal data for the following purposes, so that:

You can use our Site and services: when you use our Site, we use your personal data to provide our service.

If you ask to be contacted, we use your contact details to send you information about our services.

You can receive information about our services.

When you sign up to our services, we will send your marketing information and news about our services and events.

Remember that you can unsubscribe at any time to stop your personal data being processed.

If you are signed up to our services, we may use your contact details to send you marketing information about other related services.

We may use the information you provide as well as other information – such as how you use our Site – to send you personalised information about services that might interest you.

We can maintain and improve our Site and our services.

We use your personal data to maintain our Site as well as for accounting, auditing and other internal purposes.

We may also use personal data concerning how you use our Site and our services to improve your “customer experience” and enable us to detect technical problems and manage our Site and services.

The grounds for processing your personal data

The grounds for processing your personal data depend on the manner in which you provide your data.

When you sign up to our services, we need your personal data to provide our service.

In other cases, your personal data is processed in accordance with your consent or for legitimate reasons vis-à-vis our business or legal obligations.


We share your personal data with:

  • Third-party service providers that process personal data on behalf of Commanders Act, for example for hosting, administering and managing your data, distributing emails, searches and analyses, as well as for managing services and features. When we use the services of third-party service providers, we sign contracts requiring them to put in place the appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data.
  • Other third parties when needed to:
    • Comply with a judiciary enquiry or with the law;
    • Prevent the illegal use of our Site;
    • To defend ourselves against third-party claims;
    • Help prevent fraud.


We put in place various security measures, on both a technical and organisational level, to ensure your personal data is protected.

The personal data we collect on our Site is stored within the European Union.

Your personal data is kept as long as necessary for the purposes outlined above and for the duration stipulated by law.

The data collected for marketing purposes is kept for 3 years starting from the last interaction with us.

Generally speaking, we keep your personal data as long as you have an account with us.

When it comes to personal data concerning your subscriptions, we will keep it longer to comply with our legal obligations, particularly regarding taxes.


You have the right, at any time, to request:

  • -Access to your data;
  • An electronic copy of your data;
  • Your data is modified if it is incomplete or incorrect;
  • Your data is deleted or restricted.

In the event you have consented to your data being processed, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact us via the following email address:

You can also refuse to be contacted by email by clicking on the unsubscribe link or by following the instructions for unsubscribing included in our messages.


Commanders Act collects data, which may include personal data, from your browser when you use our Site.

Cookies and tags are used to collect this data, which may include your:

  • IP address;
  • unique cookie ID, information cookies and information on the content of your equipment to access specific characteristics;
  • unique ID number and type of equipment;
  • domain, browser type and language;
  • operating system and settings;
  • country and time zone;
  • sites previously visited;
  • information about your activity on our Site such as clicks and preferences;
  • time accessed and reference URLs.
  • Third parties, such as Google, may also collect data via our Site through cookies, third-party modules and widgets.

These third parties collect data directly from your browser and the processing of this data is subject to their own personal data protection policies.

We use cookies and tags to:

  • -Identify you when you access your account,
  • Track how our Site is used,
  • Understand your preferences (such as country and language),
  • Manage our Site’s content
  • Personalise and improve your online experience.

We also use cookies and tags to gather general information about our Site’s traffic and your interactions to identify trends, collect statistics and improve our Site.

Three categories of cookies are generally used on our Site:

  • Functional cookies: These cookies are required for the Site’s basic features and are thus always activated. They include cookies that allow you to be recognised when you visit our Site in the same session or, if you choose so, from one session to another. They also allow exchanges to be secure and in compliance with regulations.
  • Performance cookies: These cookies allow us to improve our Site’s features by tracking how they are used. In some cases, these cookies allow us to quicker process your request and remember your chosen preferences. Refusing these cookies can lead to less relevant recommendations and make our Site slower.
  • Social media and advertising cookies: Social media cookies give you the possibility to log into your social media accounts and share content from our Site on social media. (Third-party) advertising cookies gather information so advertisements are better adapted to your interests, both on our Site and elsewhere. In some cases, these cookies need to process personal data. Refusing these cookies can lead to irrelevant advertisements or prevent you from properly logging into Facebook, Twitter or other social networks and/or prevent you from sharing content on social media.

You can choose to be notified by your computer each time a cookie is sent, or you can choose to refuse all cookies.

You can set these preferences via your internet browser’s settings on each of your devices. Each browser is different, and you should consult the “Help” section to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

If you refuse cookies, access to various content on our Site may be less efficient and some of our services may not work correctly.


In the event our personal data protection policy is updated, we will publish information regarding these changes on our Site.

In the event we change how we process your personal data, we will warn you beforehand or, if necessary, will request your permission beforehand.

We recommend you regularly consult our personal data protection policy and check if any changes have been made.

This personal data protection policy was last updated in May 2019.


If you wish to send us any comments or have any questions or doubts, or want to exercise your rights regarding your personal data, you can contact us via the following address: