Ad optimization

Ad Optimization Made Easy

Reconcile ad data using data-driven attribution across channels. Get Smart Recommendations to enhance the performance of your most effective ads and minimize spend on underperforming ones.

Use Cases

Comprehensive Ad Data Hub

Centralize marketing data from any source, enabling streamlined analysis through a comprehensive set of reports, designed to save time & efforts to your acquisition team.

Centralise ad & analytics data effortlessly

Leverage API connectors to synchronize with your ad platforms, analytics or CRM tools – in seconds. Get one full year of data in a few minutes and a refresh every three hours for the most up-to-date figures.

Taylor-made reports for easy sharing

Create tailor-made KPIs, reports and dashboards to meet the needs of your organization and employees, with no dependence on developers or third-party providers. Browse your channels’ granularity levels in just a few clicks.

Keep your budgets under control with alerts

No more tedious checking of budgets every morning, Smart Alerts monitors your marketing channels and alerts you about unusual variations in spending from one day or week to the next. Key KPIs also are analyzed.

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Single Source of Truth

Ensure a real understanding of campaigns performance by leveraging data-driven attribution speed up decision-making across marketing efforts for increased ROI.

Data-driven attribution based on behaviour

Reconciliate paths to conversion or non-conversion to generate attributed conversion and traffic quality KPIs. Feed our Data-Driven contribution model with your own customers behaviors for a user-centric approach of performance.

Challenge ad platforms KPIs

Compare ad-centric & attribution KPIs at any level of granularity to understand the real value of each ad you operate. Challenge the siloed data from ad platforms by leveraging a trusted & independant measurement.

Full-Funnel analysis at core

Leverage customer-impact based KPIs at each level of the funnel – awareness, consideration, conversion – to determine which ads are meeting your targets and which investments can be lowered.

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Turn Ad Data into Actionable Insights

Take back control and optimize advertising budgets by powering up the ad platforms AI-powered strategies with more accurate data streams.

Smart optimization reports & alerts

Take automatic data analysis a step further with our ML algorithms. Each channel’s performance is analyzed through all granularity levels and recommendations are delivered with daily/weekly reports and alerts.

Improve AI-powered strategies

Make sure to get the most out of Ad-platforms auto-bidding strategies by identifying and solving measurement bias due to siloed analysis of data.

Customer Journey Data Feeds

Extract individual customer journeys using our export feature to feed your own data models and generate custom attribution metrics.

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