Real-Time CDP

Centrally Manage Audience Segments

Create segments with rule-based data filters & behavioral criteria. Enable dynamic updates of audience segments to keep your marketing initiatives aligned with customer personalization strategies.

Why Is it essential to update audiences on the fly?

Updating audiences in real-time within a CDP is essential for keeping up with customers’ evolving behaviors and preferences. As customers engage with different touchpoints, their actions and interests can change quickly. Real-time audience updating ensures that marketing strategies stay relevant and engaging, adapting instantly to new data.

This dynamic approach enables the delivery of personalized experiences when they are most impactful. By continuously refreshing audience segments based on real-time interactions, marketers can avoid campaign lag, ensuring that messaging is always tailored to each user’s current context and needs.

Real-time updates improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns, minimizing waste by reducing outdated or irrelevant messages and increasing ROI. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, being agile and responsive to customer behaviors is not just an advantage; it’s essential for success.

Use Cases For Centrally Manage Audience Segments

Detecting & Targeting Intentionists

Detect users with a high potential of imminent purchase, and send the right messages to encourage them to take action..

Identifying Lookalikes

Identify users whose behaviour is similar to your loyal and engaged customers in order to create audiences likely to respond positively to your offers.

Removing Bad Targets

Eliminate users with no conversion potential from your segments and save a budget that would otherwise have been wasted.

No-code Advanced Segmentation Engine

Our No-code Advanced Segmentation Engine simplifies audience creation, eliminating the need for IT intervention. Our user-friendly tool set allows teams to effortlessly craft segments using a wide range of criteria from various data sources like ads, on-site behavior, and purchases, directly enhancing marketing precision without technical skills.

Leveraging customer data from ads for product interactions, marketers can customize segments for targeted campaigns, ensuring messages reach the right audience at the right time. This not only streamlines the segmentation process but also maximizes the utility of Customer Data Platform insights, driving better personalized marketing strategies.

By saving time and fostering independence in segment creation, our engine empowers marketers to efficiently execute data-driven campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and campaign outcomes. It’s an indispensable asset for optimizing marketing efforts in a dynamic landscape.

Update Audiences on the Fly

Keeping your marketing aligned with real-time user behavior, our system adapts audience segments instantly as customer needs evolve. This responsiveness is critical as users shift between interests and actions, requiring dynamic adjustments to maintain relevance.

Our system automatically detects user behavior changes, updating segments in real time to keep your marketing targeted and effective. This ensures every campaign reaches the right audience at the right moment, based on current data, fostering personalized experiences.

Dynamic updates are vital for responsive marketing, allowing swift adaptation to user trends and maintaining campaign efficacy. This feature enhances customer engagement and drives conversions by ensuring your messages align with user desires, maximizing your strategies’ impact.

Omni destination Audience Sharing

Our Real-time CDP streamlines audience sharing, a cornerstone for advanced marketing strategies and customer experiences. Prioritizing privacy and reach, share audiences to different destinations, giving a competitive edge in a privacy-focused world.

Share audience segments across various Client- & Server-Side destinations, upholding strict adherence to privacy regulations and user consent. This feature broadens marketing reach while ensuring compliance, building trust and safeguarding user privacy.

Marketers can precisely target and personalize across a vast network of platforms, optimizing engagement and conversions. It’s an essential tool for amplifying message impact, enabling strategic audience placement aligned with user expectations and privacy standards.