Real-Time CDP

Single View of Customer

Identity resolution is essential to reconcile disparate customer data. Commanders Act empowers you to mix & match data from different sources.

The Significance of Unifying Customer Data into a Global Profile

Unified customer data is vital for enhancing engagement and loyalty. A single profile provides a comprehensive view of each customer’s interactions, enabling personalized marketing strategies. This consistency in communication can improve customer satisfaction and increase brand affinity.

Integrating various data sources into a single profile breaks down silos, facilitating the flow of valuable customer information. It empowers brands to use insights for targeted campaigns, product recommendations, and tailored services, driving higher conversion rates and retention. The ability to adapt marketing tactics based on unified data is a competitive advantage.

For brands, a global customer profile is more than just a tool for efficiency; it’s a strategic asset for building lasting relationships. It meets the growing expectation for personalized interactions, aligning with customer needs. In the era of customer-centricity, a unified customer profile is foundational for marketing success.

Use Cases For Single View of Customer

Enrich Customer Profiles with CRM data

CRM is among the best sources of information on customer preferences. By integrating your data into Platform X, you can target your customers more precisely.

On-Off Customer Journeys

The convergence of online and offline purchasing paths is a mine of information and user segmentation.Reconcile them in just a few clicks with Platform X.

Holistic View of Customers

Our Identity Resolution solution improves marketing by merging customer data from diverse sources into unified profiles using a core “ID Reconciliation Engine.” This feature aligns interactions across platforms into a single customer view, regardless of the channel or device.

Sophisticated cross-device reconciliation, ensures consistent tracking of customer journeys across devices and managing shared device challenges. This capability clarifies customer preferences and activities.

Empowering marketers with these insights enables more personalized and effective engagement strategies, optimizing overall marketing effectiveness through a holistic understanding of customer interactions.

Omni source Customer Data

Our Event Enrichment feature transforms how first-party interactions enrich customer profiles in real- time, while complying with consent and privacy regulations. 

Our intuitive no-code rule builders streamline the process, effortlessly incorporating behavioral data with CRM imports, product catalogs, and internal databases. This approach provides a comprehensive view of each customer.

What distinguishes our platform from others is our lightning-fast, millisecond processing; updating customer profiles instantly in marketing destinations for the utmost relevance and accuracy. This real-time enrichment empowers marketers to engage customers effectively, leveraging up-to-the-moment insights for personalized experiences and campaigns.

Recover lost IDs

Utilize our advanced features to address 1st-party cookie expiration with our cookie recall feature, ensuring sustained user identification data. Our approach integrates two key features: the “Master ID” and “Phoenix.”

The “Master ID” is a persistent internal identifier managed by the Commanders Act platform, constructing an ID graph for continuous user linkage. This feature supports recognizing and reconnecting with users over time.

“Phoenix” complements this by restoring lost 1st-party cookies, crucial for ongoing engagement and personalized marketing. By rejuvenating cookies, our platform ensures marketing destinations receive up-to-date, user-centric data, enhancing campaign effectiveness. Together, these features extend your marketing impact.