Delight Your Audiences With Real-Time Marketing

Enchantez vos audiences grâce au marketing en temps réel

If you have any familiarity with online marketing, you know that activating consumer data in real time is often talked about but isn’t easily achieved. This is because real-time marketing is dependent on a brand’s ability to:

  1. Identify the messaging and marketing channels that are driving the highest conversion rates
  2. Aggregate audience data, overlay it with insights, and create compelling segments
  3. Generate 360-degree customer views, which include online and offline behaviours across all devices

This all has to be done within a fraction of a second to truly engage users with the right content at the right time to influence their buying decisions.

Working behind the scenes are tag management solutions (TMS) and consent management platforms that must always be on, processing data in real time. For this reason, I have excluded them from this post, but it’s important to note that the TagCommander solution is viewed as the fastest TMS on the market. In fact, we recently landed a deal with the second-largest worldwide player in the online travel industry based on our solution’s speed.

The products from our suite of solutions that marketers are leveraging to facilitate real-time marketing are MixCommander, DataCommander, and recently released FuseCommander. They belong to the attribution, data activation, and identity reconciliation categories, respectively, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by helping you better understand your consumers’ interests — and the mix of channels that are driving the highest conversion rates — so you can segment and present your audiences with effective messaging in real time.

From a marketing mix perspective, it’s critical for brands with large marketing budgets to know within the first few hours of launching if their campaigns are performing as expected. Marketers need timely data to identify what’s working (and what’s not) to make changes on the fly. In addition to providing real-time campaign performance data, MixCommander also offers cross-device reconciliation meaning it can identify a unique user who may have interacted with your online and offline ads using multiple devices. This provides better insight into the customer’s journey and the impact each channel and/or partner had. These real-time insights allow marketers to maximise their ROI by optimising spend by channel.

Understanding and exploiting the advertising mediums driving the most conversions is an important part of the equation. Equally, aggregating like audiences, including their interests and behaviours, and feeding these insights to your marketing orchestration tools for real-time activation is also critical. This can be achieved through DataCommander, which seamlessly collects user behaviours, standardises and creates relevant profiles, and pushes this data to your marketing orchestration platforms as segments for retargeting purposes.

Data entering the DataCommander platform is normalised and grouped, and subject to strict standards to avoid the old “garbage in, garbage out” adage, helping marketers minimise errors that could derail their personalisation efforts.

The last piece of the real-time data activation equation is creating 360-degree profiles providing marketers with visibility into a customer’s purchase history, browsing habits, mobile App usage, and prior campaign exposures across all devices and web browsers. This can be achieved with FuseCommander and opens the door for true one-to-one marketing experiences.

CommandersAct has an advantage over its competitors when it comes to activating data in real time because its R&D team began incorporating this into its product roadmaps years ago. CommandersAct’s products can be used together as a suite or on their own in conjunction with a brand’s existing Martech stack.

Michael Froment is the co-founder and CEO of Commanders Act.