Make more margins with less budget, our solutions to prepare 2025!

With 2025 almost there, what are the main challenges of digital marketers?

2024 is a very challenging year for digital marketers.

We can mention three main challenges:

  • First, there is an economic uncertainty in the market and digital marketers are requested to make same or even more sales with less ad budget
  • Second, the disappearance of third-party cookies coming in early 2025 will affect a part of adtech
  • Lastly, the growing usage of smart bidding algorithms within the ad platforms which are blackbox and put humans away from the daily management of campaigns

Altogether this makes the life of digital marketers much more complicated.

How will the end of third-party cookies affect advertising investments?

First-party cookies are today widely used by adtech companies and specially in what we call the open web adtechs:

  • First, to build audiences as third-party cookies allow marketers to follow users on different sites.
  • And secondly, third party cookies allow to measure post view conversions which amount for a big part of the reported conversions. Post view conversion occurs when a user sees an ad on a website, doesn’t click but purchase on the advertiser website within some days.
  • With third-party cookies, adtechs are able to link the banner view and the purchase
  • Without third-party cookies, this is no longer possible

In other words, the number of conversions reported by adtechs will decrease significantly because they cannot track post view conversions. And such conversions are a good part of Open Web channels like display advertising, programmatic advertising, retargeting or affiliation.

In other words, the Advertiser will be flying blind on the performance of those channels.

What should a marketer do to keep on investing the right way?

To overcome those challenges, marketers must increase their measurement capabilities.

Because if you can measure effectively your campaigns on your own:

  • You are not impacted by the disappearance of third-party cookies at this level
  • You will be able to challenge the smart bidding strategies from ad platforms and to verify if they are working (well).
  • And lastly, you will be able to know whether your budget is perfectly or badly invested, to make budget reallocation.

So, 2024 is the year where an effective campaign measurement will be necessary for advertisers. With Commanders Act’s new acquisition, Adloop, which is specialized in this new style of measurement and enables what we call Full Funnel analysis and optimization: the new corner stone of digital marketing measurement.

Can you explain what is Full-Funnel Optimization?

Full Funnel optimization is a technique, a methodology that allows advertisers to measure the real performance of each ad at each step of the funnel. This method gives specific KPIs that assess if an ad is delivering good performances or bad performances at the awareness, engagement and conversion levels.

When you have this information for all your ads, things are getting easier:

  • First, you can detect which ads are not giving any result at any step of the funnel and then generate savings on those
  • Then you can detect if one ad is good at one or another level of the funnel and decide to increase your investment where it’s delivering the expected results

Full Funnel optimization is the best way for marketers to make savings on one side and really use their budget wisely on the other side.

So it’s possible to make more margins with less budget?

Having a good measurement of ads with alerts and recommendations allows digital acquisition teams to be more in control of investments and to influence the strategies put from agencies or ad platforms.

Making savings on bad ads and identifying campaigns with high potential is a good way to make more sales with less budget.

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