Infographic Sales 2023 – Best practices to increase customer engagement during sales

In a context where 48% of French people say they are worried about their purchasing power and 75% want to change their purchasing behavior (OpinionWay study, “From purchasing duty to purchasing power: the relationship of the French with consumption” 2022), the sales represent a critical period for advertisers who must be creative to stand out among the thousands of signals sent to consumers.

With a Customer Data Platformyou can now increase your customer knowledge andsend the right messages in a few clicks in order to increase their engagement.

To do so, here are some good practices to adopt to take advantage of the sale period.

In summary, it is necessary to have a centralized view on the entire life cycle of user data to have a positive impact on their buying behavior. Segmentation becomes the most efficient way to create your audience groups and adapt omnichannel strategies. A Customer Data Platform is a great tool to increase customer engagement.

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