How do you prepare for the cookieless world?

05/05/2022 |

And why the Server-Side model will become your greatest ally

… and how to prepare for a cookieless world. Essential and fragile in equal measure: that’s exactly how the status of data could be summed up in 2022. Data are essential. Take away data, and digital operations effectively lose their power of sight, whether disseminating an advertising campaign, orchestrating an anti-churn scenario featuring a combination of web, emails and a call centre, or customising a website. But also fragile because over the past 10 years, data has become both scarce and fragile (development of adblockers, entry into force of the RGPD, cookie hunting with the ITP,…)

From a legal perspective, we’re entering an era of consent, while from a technical point of view, we’re heading into a cookieless era.

This development raises the legitimate question of what can we do to make this new era compatible with data-driven marketing practices? In other words, how can marketing teams continue performing their data-driven actions in this new digital landscape? One of the answers, which has already been expressed and shared by the digital industry, involves switching over to the server-side model. Server-side is nothing more than a new technical method for collecting data in a digital world shackled by an increasingly stringent set of requirements. It also gives marketing teams the ideal opportunity to nurture and take greater care of their data and ultimately do more with less.

In this White Paper you will learn about:

  • Seven myths about Server-Side
  • Server-Side: What advantages does it offer?
  • Five actions for getting ready to embrace the Server-Side Model

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