Se Domicilier

09/10/2023 |

Visuel Se Domicilier

Thanks to server-side, Se Domicilier optimises the marketing budget via its attribution tools by around 20% with Commanders Act.

Se Domicilier, a Commanders Act customer since 2020, began migrating to the new server-side platform at the beginning of 2023, enabling better calibration of the partners’ algorithms and resulting in almost 20% optimisation of marketing budgets via attribution tools.  


  • Enterprise Tag Management
  • Consent Management
  • Campaign Analytics


  • Tag management independent of technical teams
  • Anticipate the end of third-party cookies and encapsulate all marketing tags (+40 partners)
  • Native consent management
  • A fully configurable attribution tool for all channels
  • Adopt a user-centric approach by personalising user paths


  • Optimisation of marketing budgets via affiliation tools by around 20%.
  • Detecting fraudulent behaviours
  • Independence of IT resources

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