Case Study: Floa Bank

09/05/2022 |

FLOA Bank is improving its conversion funnels with Commanders Act

Within the space of just a few years, FLOA Bank (previously known as Banque Casino) has carved its status as a leading player in the payment facilities market. With over three million customers, FLOA Bank stands out from the competition with its innovative solutions that fully embrace today’s digital technologies.

Instant small loans, fractionated payments, cashback credit cards… over the years, FLOA Bank has stepped up its range of banking solutions. The aim with each launch is to improve its conversion funnels. FLOA Bank, the leader in payment facilities, is using Commanders Act to achieve this particular challenge.

  • Improve the conversion funnels
  • Tracking of the different conversion funnels
  • Compliant consent management practices
  • A 73% opt-in rate, which is close to the figure recorded before France’s data protection authority issued new directives concerning consent collection practices.

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