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Case study : Promod

“If a DMP solution costs 5% of your marketing budget, adopt it immediately!”

Yohan Smal,
Head of Acquisition,

Case studies

Promod is a French womenswear brand that runs 11 e-commerce sites in Europe, in addition to a worldwide network of stores, including 350 in France.

While Promod looks to optimise its online/in-store customer intelligence to refine marketing pressure, many online views conclude with in-store purchases, which continue to represent 90% of sales.


How to link online and in-store data to adjust marketing pressure, reattribute marketing budgets and offer customers the best possible experience?


Implement a DMP to optimise customer communication through data.

    • Higher conversion rates
    • Smoother customer experience
    • 30% increase in offline sales
    • A powerful display advertising CRM
    • Cost minimisation
    • Optimisation of omni-channel media budgets


3 examples of projects made possible by the DMP:


Voluntary entry of customer data to link in-store with online

    • Customers identify themselves by providing their email, loyalty card or, in the future, by smartphone.
    • Sales advisors can better help customers through a deeper knowledge of the customer journey.


Hard to track in-store sales following an abandoned cart

    • Buying behaviour is analysed to facilitate up-selling and cross-selling through display advertising.
    • The retargeting budget is redistributed to other campaigns that are more relevant for Promod’s objectives.
    • The transfer of extra data to partners via the DMP is used to adjust and optimise bidding.
    • Investments are optimised by looking at the impact of campaigns on offline revenues.


In-store identification of customer using loyalty card

    • After an in-store purchase, onboarded customers can be served retargeted display adverts.
    • With better customer tracking, marketing activities see much higher conversion rates.

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