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Who is Commanders Act?

With the Cookieless Marketing Data Platform, Commanders Act is the only European company to provide a unique set of tools helping digital teams to operate in a cookieless environment. From performance measurement to campaign optimization, from tag management to first-party user data activation, Commanders Act guarantees its customers with a full data ownership in the absolute respect of increasingly tightened regulatory constraints.  

Founded at the dawn of the 2010s under the name TagCommander to help advertisers better manage their customer tracking systems, the company has maintained its technological leadership by integrating a unique Customer Data Platform feature and a Cookie Consent Management System. In 2022, Commanders Act vX took a major step forward in anticipating the inevitable death of cookies by setting up a fully server-side tracking, compliant with increasingly demanding regulations of internet users’ privacy.  

This leading-edge technological expertise ensures the trust of more than 500 customers and 10,000 users worldwide and is recognized by Gartner and Forrester among the leading Customer Data Platforms.  

With the acquisition, in October 2023, of the marketing analytics platform Adloop, Commanders Act is strengthening its ability to help advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns in a context of shrinking advertising budgets. 

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