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Case study : Pixartprinting

Commanders Act enables us to accelerate the deployment cycles and optimise the ROI of our marketing solutions.
Andrea Pizzola,
Sales & Marketing Director,


  • Maintain a best-of-breed marketing ecosystem while facilitating the rapid adoption of new technologies and new partners
  • Enable data collection at scale (currently 20 sites and more than 50 partner solutions)
  • Accelerate and secure site performances.


  • More agile: Deployment cycles shortened from 3 months to 1 week, or 12 times faster.
  • Easy optimisation of channels by geographic region enabling a revenue uplift of 2 to 5%
  • Improved understanding of on-site customer journeys with regard to CRM segments.
  • Objective view of channel performances (via A/B tests) and of the interactions between them (thanks to custom attribution modelling).
Case studies

Pixartprinting taps its data to optimise customer journeys at scale

Pixartprinting taps its data to optimise customer journeys at scale. The B2B web-to-print leader optimises its marketing levers for a 5% revenue uplift.


Pixartprinting is transforming the B2B Web-to-print business.

Originally a family-owned printing works, Pixartprinting started its digital transformation in 2000 with a web-based sales model and a focus on process automation.

With uncontested leadership in Southern Europe, the company is pursuing its expansion since 2014 within the Cimpress group, the world leader in mass customisation — a Nasdaq quoted company with $1.5 billion in revenue.


Pixartprinting is currently growing 30% annually. The company wished to address some of the technical issues posed by this international expansion by implementing a tag management and data management approach. In particular, it wanted to:

    • Optimise the ROI of its marketing solutions by generalising a test-and-learn approach.
    • Unify data collection and analysis, which was otherwise fragmented and managed in silos.
    • Accelerate load times, which were starting to be impacted by JavaScript issues


An effective roll out requires Pixartprinting to deploy and adapt its marketing solutions as fast as possible. Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director, understands this phenomenon well: “We already operate 20 localised sites and we need to accelerate our roll outs and optimise each of them continuously in order to control ROI.”

Pixartprinting uses multiple retargeting solutions. But how to recognise the best performers despite their different algorithms and bidding methods?

“When selecting new partners, Commanders Act Manage enables us to set up A/B tests very simply using cookie splits. We can thus put them to the test without extra effort and quickly objectify our choices,” says Andrea Pizzola “Then with Commanders Act Measure, we gain an analytic view of the contribution of each partner and of how the whole is evolving.”


With an ecosystem of over 50 marketing solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Optimizely, Google AdWords, Criteo, Sociomantic, and Zebestof to name just a few, it was essential to better understand the interactions between them.

“Commanders Act makes data collection more consistent and more reliable. We can now better understand audience behaviour and the interactions between touch points,” says Andrea Pizzola. “We can track post-view conversions within the same funnel as other channels such as PPC, SEO, and social. This has enabled us to demonstrate the value and justify our investments in display advertising.”

“In addition revenue by basket or by channel, we can also break out metrics by funnel stage or by new versus returning customers — and apply different attribution models at will. We have gained the ability to analyse visits and behaviour with our usual CRM clusters and segments.”


Optimising load times is a constant objective. Andrea Pizzola continues the explanation: “Our platform has to handle more and more domains and more and more tags. We need to guarantee load time performance going forward. Not only is it good for the user experience, but we have observed very positive effects on our search ranking.”

“The technical performances of Commanders Act and the expertise of its teams were instrumental in our decision,” says Andrea Pizzola. “Commanders Act was able to adapt to our proprietary e-commerce environment and liaise with both marketing and technical teams. When we wanted to integrate tags that were not already included the tag library, they were on hand to add them quickly. It’s one of the reasons for our large degree of independence today.”

In terms of agility and time saved, Commanders Act has become a key tool within the organisation. “Commanders Act helps us adapt when we open new countries. Being able to optimise our solution mix market-by-market has enabled us to gain between 2 to 5% in incremental revenue,” says Andrea Pizzola.

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