Everything you need to know about Google Consent Mode V2

What is Google’s Consent Mode v2?

Consent Mode is a Google tool that enables conversions linked to Google Ads campaigns to continue to be measured while respecting users’ choice of consent. Consent Mode includes a system for modelling conversions even in the event of cookie refusal.

Consent Mode v2, what’s changed since v1?

The move to v2 is motivated by the requirements of the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), with a deadline of March 6th 2024.

Technically, v2 introduces two new variables for managing consent to the sending of data and acceptance of personalised advertising.

What happens on March 6th 2024? And at the end of 2024?

If Consent Mode v2 is not in place:

From 6 March 2024, it will no longer be possible to build or update audiences in the Google Ads Display universes (AdSense, Youtube, AdMob).

By the end of 2024, it will no longer be possible to measure conversions using Google Ads or Google Analytics.

How can Commanders Act help me implement Consent Mode v2?

Commanders Act’s CMP is certified by Google and natively integrates Consent Mode v2 management.

If you’re already a customer, setting up is just a few clicks away.

If you’re not, this is the perfect opportunity to become one.

Commanders Act’s CMP – a Platfom X product – is used by more than 500 clients in Europe. As well as collecting and storing consent choices, it is used to optimise opt-in rates through the dissemination of best practice and A/B testing systems.