In anticipation of the end of third-party cookies, Commanders Act has launched its new Server-Side powered platform

06/02/2023 |

Anticipándose al fin de las cookies de terceros, Commanders Act ha lanzado su nueva plataforma impulsada por Server-Side

In an increasingly regulated and constrained data market, this Commanders Act X platform, powered by Server Side, gives digital teams the control and visibility they need to drive effective digital strategies and campaigns, while remaining RGPD compliant.

Paris, 6 february – Commanders Act has launched a Marketing Cookieless Platform in 2022 that gives brands greater control over the collection, processing and sharing of customer data and consent signals. In a post-RGPD world without third-party cookies, marked by high adoption of ad blockers, advertisers today face a drastic reduction in customer data collection, which directly impacts their ability to ensure the continuity of data-driven digital marketing.

To address these challenges, Commanders Act has designed a new integrated, API-based platform that provides centralized management of the entire data lifecycle, from collection to activation. By enabling digital teams to visualize data flows and control data quality, processing and sharing in real time, Commanders Act’s new platform enables brands to regain more efficient, secure and responsible use of customer data.

Coping with the scarcity of customer data in a changing market

We have been witnessing a profound change in the customer data market for the past few years, induced by a combination of several factors. The implementation of the RGPD in 2018, the increase in the rate of equipment with ad blockers (nearly 37% in France) and the announcement by Google of the gradual end of third-party cookies on its Chrome browser (which holds more than 58% of the market share of web browsers in France) has the direct consequence of considerably reducing the volume of data available and exploitable by digital teams.

However, they need these customer signals to feed, segment and drive their marketing strategies and create value for their users. Without sufficiently qualified customer signals, they find themselves making decisions based on incomplete and imperfect samples, which results in less relevant and less effective campaigns.

This progressive contraction of customer data is forcing digital teams to rethink the way they work and manage their campaigns,” explains Michael Froment, CEO and co-founder of Commanders Act. Data-driven marketing must now be built on a different foundation than it has been for the past 20 years, giving brands the ability to collect and leverage customer data sensibly, responsibly and efficiently.

A unified platform for data-driven marketing in a context where RGPD prevails

As the European leader in tag management and data collection for over 12 years, Commanders Act launched its new Marketing cookieless platform in June 2022 in response to recent market changes. The result of two years of R&D and customer feedback analysis, this new unified platform integrates all products developed by Commanders Act to provide centralized management of the entire data lifecycle, from collection to activation. With this new platform, Commanders Act aims to help organizations implement data governance through CDP and the concept of data cleansing.

Based on APIs, the new platform allows brands to regain efficient use and control of data in a regulated context. With this server-side approach, all collected data is processed and then distributed to the various partners from the Commanders Act platform. Digital teams can visualize all data flows collected from any platform, then apply functions to them and set up automatic rules to control the quality of the information in real time.  They can then filter the data sent to their partners according to pre-determined variables.

Digital teams thus become more agile and efficient in data governance, and can ensure that all the devices that depend on it are properly fed. They are able to guarantee their users a real application of the posted data processing rules, while ensuring a competitive consent rate thanks to consent banner optimization options, based on metrics available in the platform.

The server-side approach on which the platform is based also optimizes web performance and navigation quality. As the multitude of javascript requests that run in the browser are replaced by a single server-side service call, page loading times are considerably reduced and the quality of the user experience is significantly improved.

This user experience is more than ever at the heart of the new Commanders Act platform. In order to collect the maximum number of signals given, the platform is now event-based. The measurement is no longer based on the digital property or the channel as it was before, but on each step of the user journey. This user-centric approach allows us to collect the right data to better understand the user and send him the right messages at the right time.

The goal of this new platform is to enable digital teams to continue to drive data-driven marketing, with greater agility and control over the data they collect, process and share, while ensuring they remain compliant with the GDPR,” Michael Froment said. Commanders Act positions itself as a digital strategy enabler, providing digital teams with better access, governance and protection of data, ensuring the continuity of digital marketing in a more regulated and regulated environment. Now digital teams are able to cross-reference online and offline data to better understand their customers at every stage of the buying process.

“More than 20 years after the beginning of data collection on the Internet, we are entering a hybrid phase, where two tag management systems will coexist: client side and server side. The server side will gradually become the market standard for data exchange. Our objective is to support our customers in this evolution, by offering them a new platform designed precisely to adopt this new standard” concludes Michael Froment.