Commanders Act receives the Excellence label from RGPD Check

29/05/2020 |

Commanders Act obtient le Label Excellence RGPD Check

The Customer Data Platform expert confirms its commitment towards the strict and effective application of the GDPR in the digital ecosystem.

Paris, 26 May 2020 – Commanders Act, the European leader in SaaS-based Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and an expert in Tag & Data Management, has announced that it has been awarded the Excellence label from RGPD Check, the first European platform dedicated to managing processor compliance. This label is awarded to suppliers offering the highest guarantee levels in terms of complying with the GDPR and is based on an independent and objective assessment featuring 180 verification criteria. Commanders Act is the first supplier in the CDP market to obtain this accolade.

RGPD Check: an independent and objective compliance assessment by a trusted third party

Ever since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force, it has raised a number of question marks in the digital ecosystem and created an additional layer of complexity for all market players. For example, organisations started asking their suppliers and partners how they were going to address these issues and what measures they were going to take to guarantee their compliance with the new regulation using a mixed range of often time-consuming assessment processes for both clients and processors.

To tackle the growing need for compliance assessments, Franklin Brousse, a lawyer specialising in new technologies, has worked alongside several major market players to create RGPD Check, a trusted third party platform that provides an objective and independent evaluation and automatically compares processor compliance. Whether on their own initiative or in response to a request from one of their customers, processors can register with the platform for free and complete an application containing 134 requirements and 46 supporting statements. Depending on the answers and evidence provided, an algorithm generates a score out of 100, which represents the processor’s compliance index.

RGPD Check is the first platform in the market to offer a common process for conducting an independent, objective and transparent assessment of processor compliance,” explains Franklin Brousse. “Not only does it allow controllers to improve their practices for checking the compliance of their processors, but it also lets processors stand out from the competition by offering factual proof of their data protection maturity in relation to the GDPR.

Over 1,000 processors have registered with the platform. They can use the assessment results to identify any opportunities for improvement and take the appropriate measures to increase their GDPR compliance index. In a recent move, processors scoring over 80 receive the Excellence label, which recognises and rewards their efforts to ensure compliance.

The RGPD Check Excellence rating confirms Commanders Act’s leadership status in the data protection market.

Commanders Act is the first supplier to obtain the RGPD Check Excellence label. As a data management leader and supplier of data collection and consent management solutions, Commanders Act has always made compliance and data protection the driving force behind its tools. Ever since the GDPR was enacted, the company has stayed at the forefront of the compliance issue, whether in terms of its daily internal operation or the services offered to its customers.

Data protection is inextricably woven into Commanders Act’s DNA,” stresses Michael Froment, CEO and Co-Founder of Commanders Act. “The Excellence label is clear evidence of our maturity in compliance and our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with a compliant, effective platform.”

Commanders Act registered with the platform when launched in September 2019 and has spent several months improving a number of points to increase its conformity and therefore its compliance index. The Excellence label represents a score in excess of 80 out of 100, which confirms Commanders Act’s efforts to champion an ever safer and compliant digital ecosystem.

One of the advantages with the RGPD Check platform is that it offers a comparison based on processor assessments,” explains Michael Froment. “This gives clients access to a list of suppliers whose compliance has already been checked by means of an objective and factual assessment, which accelerates and streamlines the selection and procurement processes.”

The first European platform for specifically managing your processors’ compliance