CMP Partner Program : Commanders Act obtains Google certification following announcement of new consent management requirements

02/06/2023 |

As part of the CMP Partner Program launched in 2022, Google has announced the integration of new requirements for publishers to use certified CMPs. Commanders Act is now a certified player, meeting the new European standards for consent management.


Continued progress within the ecosystem

With 12 years’ experience in digital marketing, Commanders Act has seen the market evolve and has continually innovated to offer solutions that meet its new requirements. While Google has announced in recent weeks that it intends to require publishers to use certified CMPs integrating the new IAB standards in Europe, Commanders Act continues to make headway in the ecosystem, obtaining Google certification in consent management. Another success for Commanders Act, which has established itself as the European leader in consent management.


Certification for greater transparency

In the interests of transparency, Google will henceforth require partners using its publishing solutions (Google AdSense, Ad Manager, AdMob) to use only Google-certified Consent Management Platforms that integrate TCF standards into their operations in the European Economic Area and the UK.

This decision follows the IAB Europe’s announcement of the finalization of TCF version 2.2, during April 2023, which aims to strengthen the online advertising consent experience. It is in this desire, already initiated in 2020, to be more transparent and respectful of current standards that Google supports the efforts led by players in the advertising industry to guarantee a more reliable approach to consent management.

TCF’s new features include the elimination of legitimate interest for advertising and content personalization, greater clarity in the information transmitted to users, standardization of additional information provided by partners (categories of data collected, retention periods, etc.), and greater transparency regarding the number of partners managed by CMPs.


Why this certification?

TCF not only provides a legal and regulated framework for consent management, it also enables a more consistent and optimized approach to data collection. For example, adopting TCF standards with Google and a certified CMP enables more optimized tracking of online advertising campaigns. Indeed, this approach gives publishers a unified view of user behavior, including more qualitative metrics. For example, it will now be possible to know the actual number of page views based on the sum of opt-ins and opt-outs. As Commanders Act has been a Google partner since 2022, the Consent Management solution is fully integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, making implementation quick and easy.


New challenges in consent management

The publication of this second version of TCF echoes the new challenges in consent management applied to server-side and new modes of first-party data collection. Commanders Act has already been addressing these issues since the launch of its new platform in June 2022, which integrates server-side technology, enabling users to take full advantage of first-party data while remaining fully compliant with current regulations.