Commanders Act consolidates its position as a brand performance partner with the acquisition of Adloop

03/10/2023 |

This acquisition will enable Commanders Act to develop a unique offering within its Customer Data Platform to help advertisers manage and optimise their media investments.

Paris, 3 October 2023 – Commanders Act, publisher of the Cookieless Marketing Platform adopted by more than 500 European advertisers, announces that it has completed the acquisition of Adloop, publisher of a Marketing Analytics and media optimization platform. In a fast-changing digital market, this acquisition will enable the two companies to benefit from the complementary nature of their respective offerings to continue to help brands optimise their advertising investment and performance.

Taking performance optimisation a step further

The digital environment is undergoing a period of profound upheaval, impacting all the dimensions on which brands have built their digital strategies over the last twenty years. In response to these radical changes, in June 2022 Commanders Act launched a new cookieless marketing platform that gives brands greater control over the collection, processing and sharing of customer data in a post-RGPD context. Commanders Act is continuing its revolution by launching a SaaS offering for campaign performance analysis and media optimisation.

Today’s advertisers need insights and recommendations to change their performance profile and make better operational and budgetary decisions,” explains Michael Froment, CEO and co-founder of Commanders Act. To continue to be the preferred performance partner for our customers, we need to be able to give meaning to this mass of data collected, by helping digital teams and their agencies to draw actionable conclusions that improve their marketing performance.

Adloop, a global marketing analytics and media optimisation platform

Founded by Stéphane Gendrel, Adloop is a no-code marketing analytics platform designed with media optimisation in mind, enabling advertisers to accurately measure the performance of each of their advertising campaigns in order to optimise their digital spend and implement the most effective operational and tactical measures.

Developed with the expertise of Timothée Leicht (former CTO of Mazeberry), the proposition is broken down into 3 offers ranging from unified reporting of cross-platform campaigns to optimisation recommendations at a granular level. Advertising platforms target intent, while Adloop assesses value using a behavioural model. Adloop started out as a pure attribution platform,” explains Stéphane Gendrel, founder and CEO of Adloop. Then we realised that attribution alone gave only a truncated view of user behaviour. So we very recently redeveloped our platform (July 2022) and now include a wider universe of data, enabling us to assess the impact of campaigns on users across the entire conversion tunnel.

Adloop’s technology meets a key market need that Commanders Act aims to address. Adloop gives us a much more complete, powerful and interesting value proposition for advertisers looking to evaluate and optimise their media investments,” says Michael Froment. It complements the MMX approaches deployed at strategic level by offering tactical optimisation. We share a common vision and values which, combined with the complementary nature of our offerings, will give rise to tremendous synergies and generate major benefits for our customers.

With this acquisition, Adloop will benefit from the European reach and strategic strength of Commanders Act, and thus enter a new and extremely positive dynamic,” adds Stéphane Gendrel. We are delighted that the Adloop platform will enable our two companies to consolidate their market positions and offer brands the comprehensive support they need to better understand, manage and optimise their media investments.