Commanders Act launches JarvX, the new AI copilot to boost the marketing performance of digital teams

03/07/2023 |

JarvX Launch

The server-side leader launches JarvX, the first AI copilot to boost its customers’ marketing performance

Paris, 3 July 2023 – Commanders Act, publisher of a Cookieless Marketing Platform adopted by more than 500 customers in Europe and European leader in the Customer Data Platform, is launching JarvX, the first intelligent co-pilot to help users get to grips with the tool and deploy new use cases.

JarvX: an ally for digital teams

With JarvX, the integrated AI assistant, it’s now even simpler and faster to govern data flows and manage their entire lifecycle. Like the latest generation of AI, JarvX understands context and needs, advises, suggests and replaces documentation. Its role: to increase the productivity of digital teams so that they can concentrate on what really adds value.

JarvX is designed for tag management specialists, data analysts and managers alike. It supports them in optimising their campaigns, seeking out new opportunities and streamlining their operations.

An unrivalled advisor for implementing use cases

JarvX is an indispensable new assistant for marketing teams on several levels. Firstly, it mentors new users as they get to grips with the tool: it answers all their questions, gives pointers and explains how to activate the functionalities using a step-by-step approach. He also guides users through specific tasks, such as adding a Server-Side destination to the platform. Thanks to a sophisticated integration of its AI with the platform, JarvX is able to interact with its interfaces, enabling it to redirect the user to the appropriate page, fill in fields according to the user’s instructions, and so on.

Secondly, it performs routine tasks to free up time for teams to concentrate on their marketing strategy. In particular, it considerably simplifies data cleansing by generating adapted Data Cleansing formulas, based on instructions provided by the user in natural language. Or by explaining transformation formulas created by other employees.

Finally, it offers tailor-made solutions, taking into account the context of the customer’s problems and enabling new use cases to be deployed for optimal use of the Commanders Act X platform.

JarvX will subsequently be able to, among other things

  • Offer insights into data, by generating graphs on the fly, on command, to make it easier to understand the data
  • Assist in the creation of new destination models, as a co-pilot of the Destination Builder functionality
  • Analyse the code of containers and client-side tags to identify bugs and describe problems in natural language
  • Suggest corrections for errors detected in the code, becoming a major ally for quality work
  • Explain in detail exactly what a piece of code does. This ability to translate code into terms that everyone can understand will facilitate collaboration between technical and non-technical teams,

Proactively provide detailed summaries and alerts on the performance of destinations, including errors and other potential problems. By staying informed about the health of operations, it will be possible to intervene quickly in the event of problems, and to dialogue with JarvX to understand the best way to resolve them.

AI to protect data and users

Like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot, JarvX interacts with its users in natural language to facilitate learning, unblock situations, redirect to the appropriate services and provide a fluid user experience.

It enables users of the Commanders Act X platform to quickly feel at ease with the tool and automate multiple tasks so they can concentrate on high added-value actions.

The protection and security of marketing data must meet expectations and regulatory requirements. When using JarvX, no customer data is used to learn the model. Artificial intelligence operates in silos on the platform, guaranteeing compliance and respect for user access rights.

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