Commanders Act joins the CMP Partner program launched by Google in September 2022

14/04/2023 |

Commanders Act joins the CMP Partner Program launched by Google to provide users with consent management solutions integrated with their Consent Mode feature.

In a context where users are more careful about the use of their personal data, keeping an eye on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is becoming increasingly complex. Providing robust and compliant consent management solutions that allow companies to assess the impact of their investments is becoming particularly strategic.

Adaptation to market changes

In order to comply with the increasingly regulated data management framework, Google has developed Consent Mode, a tag management solution that adapts to users’ consents.

What is Google’s Consent Mode?

Consent Mode is a solution offered by Google to adjust Google tags when using Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight or Conversion Linker based on users’ consent. This allows marketing teams to better understand their users’ conversions, while respecting their choices. The tags will automatically adapt and use only the cookies authorized by the users.

 What does this partnership mean?

It is against this backdrop of increased regulation that the search engine has launched the CMP Partner Program: a program that integrates market-leading consent management solutions.

Through this partnership, Commanders Act’s consent management solution is now integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager. It can be activated in a few clicks and requires no user setup. This is a guarantee of considerable time savings and helps prevent any technical difficulties.

The use of our consent management solution will allow you to easily set up your banners and preference centers in a few clicks, and then to automatically transmit all the choices made by users to Google tags, thus ensuring continuous compliance.

Recognition in the data protection market

This partnership is a sign of trust and reinforces Commanders Act’s leadership in data governance, both in terms of data collection and consent management.