Human Ressources Department – French Army – 2023

09/07/2023 |

The French Army entrusts the migration of its data infrastructure to Server-Side to Dentsu Public and Commanders Act.

As part of a global third-party cookieless strategy, the French Army chose Dentsu Public and Commanders Act to collect data from TikTok, Snapchat and Meta as part of its recruitment campaign.

  • Recruit up to 16,000 people 
  • Improve campaign performance by increasing the collection of user signals 
  • Validate a new data collection and exchange standard with a view to ending third-party cookies 
  • Maintain a data-driven approach to decision support, and organize data exchange between users, media and agencies in a browser-independent way. 
  • +20% increase in data collection (on Snapchat) 
  • Algorithm improvements due to exponential data collection 
  • Increased visibility of interactions between the brand and its users 
  • -16% lower customer acquisition costs (on TikTok) 
  • Improved conversion rate 

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