The true and false about attribution

Le vrai faux de l'attribution

Do you really know the attribution? Let’s check with these four questions.

Is the Last click dead?

True and false!

Although experts have announced the death of the last click for several years now, it is still the most widely used attribution model (by almost one in two advertisers). However, it is destined to be flanked by other attribution models as it cannot keep up with the ever-increasing complexity of Customer Journeys.

Is attribution a strategic web marketing solution?


Almost 9 out of 10 digital professionals are doing or have done a strategic tought on attribution to find a suitable model. This reflection allows to optimize the budgets allocated to the various media and to better understand the Customer Journey.

Is there an ideal attribution model?


There is no perfect solution in terms of attribution: every advertiser must make a targeted analysis of his Customer Journey in order to properly exploit the interactions involved in the conversion. Each model should therefore be customized, taking into account the Customer Journey, the business sector, the set of interactions and their contribution to the conversions.

Does last click attribution minimize the impact of branding?


Branding is indispensable in any marketing strategy. However, branding is a long-term strategy and its effects are difficult to measure. However, it is rarely the element that leads to a conversion, even if it may be at the origin. The last click, which attributes conversion to the last interaction, does not take into account the contribution of branding in the conversion process.