Thanks to Commanders Act, Sorgenia makes the most of digital technology to personalise the customer experience and improve customer support

21/05/2019 |

Grâce à Commanders Act, Sorgenia profite des opportunités numériques pour personnaliser son offre et améliorer son service client

The Italian energy supplier has achieved 15% more conversions by fully leveraging its data

Italy’s leading digital energy company

By making innovation its guiding principle, Sorgenia has become Italy’s leading digital energy company. The supplier, which provides gas and electricity to homes, entrepreneurs and small businesses, aims to offer customer service that is both friendly and sustainable.

Digital technology provides the answer

“The market is changing rapidly and will change even more so when it is fully liberalised. To respond quickly to these changes, we’ve decided to focus on digital technology to connect with our customers and offer them solutions that best meet their needs,” explains Paolo Rohr, Digital Director at Sorgenia.

The company has identified three main challenges:

Taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital technology to help transition towards a free energy market;
Attract new clients;
Setting up a comprehensive support service that covers the entire customer journey.
Innovation and experimentation are Sorgenia’s two core principles and are clearly reflected in their technological choices. For Tag Management, Sorgenia chose to team up with Commanders Act.

A platform that adapts to the needs of the business

After scouting out various technology providers, Sorgenia chose Commanders Act for the flexibility of its products, comprising a complete suite of solutions perfectly adapted to the company’s needs. Two other factors played a key part in their decision: the comprehensive technical support available and the time saved by using a single platform. A single platform that allows:

Firstly, to create attribution models by analysing each customer’s journey, so that the company can know if customers need to contact customer service while also optimising all their processes.

And secondly, to provide a personalised browsing experience, allowing the the website to be adjusted depending on the type of visitor, customer or lead, and thus optimise the retargeting budget. And to also convert customers through the call centre. Thanks to Commanders Act’s solution, Sorgenia’s operators who contact a user following a support request can view a full data sheet with details of the customer’s profile. Naturally, this maximises the efficiency of the company’s support team and technicians.

A larger audience and a more targeted message with personalisation (10% more page views)

The content of Sorgenia’s website is personalised based on the user’s profile. If the user is a customer, the website proposes the purchase of a missing product or the Member Get Member programme to promote new supply contracts. On the other hand, if the user is a lead, the website aims to encourage the potential customer to visit the website again.

Another important aspect of the customer relationship is the daily promotions that the company offers through its agreements with online partners. The aim of these initiatives is to create a more detailed customer profile and provide unique communication.

Five months after starting this collaboration, the company is now almost completely independent in using the Commanders Act platform, and only needs technical support for complex issues. “We chose Commanders Act for the flexibility of its products and the availability of its staff. “What has been particularly great about this collaboration is the constructive relationship we have with Commanders Act – they are always proactive and ready to give us ideas and advice to constantly improve our service,” confirms Mr Rohr.

20-30% more traffic in the conversion funnel

Sorgenia has succeeded in increasing both the total volume of purchases and its conversion rates. Conversion rates have increased by 1%, leading to 15% growth in terms of total conversions. Combined with a more personalised service, this has led to 25% more traffic in the acquisition funnel. Looking at other metrics, the company has reduced its bounce rate by 1% and boosted page views by 10%. The number of browsing sessions has also increased, with each lasting 15% longer. In 2019, Sorgenia will continue to personalise its digital services, both for customers and leads: “We plan on integrating the data we have with other purchasing platforms and CRM activity. These are projects we are working hard to achieve, knowing we can count on our partnership with Commanders Act,” concludes Paolo Rohr.