Consent management: Commanders Act receives IAB compliance

20/08/2018 |

Gestion des consentements : Commanders Act enregistré comme CMP et global Vendor par l’IAB

With the GDPR introducing a new trust contract for personal data, all the attention is being directed towards how to manage consent. By awarding its compliance, IAB aims to speed up compliance across the entire online ad industry.

Everywhere, for everyone with no distinction for context. For a long time, online advertising focused more on maximising display coverage (total impressions) than ensuring the message was relevant to the user’s journey and identified interests. But that was before. Nowadays, thanks to a more mature market, digital marketing managers have taken to measuring the efficiency of every activation (finally reconciled) throughout the cross-device journey. In theory, this is great news. However, in practice, the industry’s ‘abuse’ of this data left legislators no other choice than to step in. That is how we came to have the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In this ecosystem, Commanders Act was unable to wait until 25th May 2018 for the General Data Protection Regulation to protect its users’ data, and developed its Privacy module as early as 2012. It is with this same mindset that Commanders Act has joined the list of Global Vendors and Consent Management Platforms that participate in the Transparency & Content Framework. Read on to learn more.

What is IAB?

IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe, founded in 1998, is the main European organisation for the online advertising world.

It is tasked with promoting the growth of this innovative sector and guaranteeing its longevity by shaping the regulatory environment.

Its objectives are manifold:

  • Help the media and marketing industries to prosper in the digital economy
  • Carry out research on interactive advertising
  • Educate companies, agencies and the business world on the importance of digital marketing
  • Establish technical standards and best practices
  • Promote advertising

What is the purpose of the Transparency & Consent Framework?

Launched on 24th April 2018, IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework has one simple aim: help every party in the digital advertising chain conform to the EU’s GDPR when processing personal data or accessing personal and non-personal data on a user’s device.

Consent Management Platform

Commanders Act has been registered by IAB as a consent management platform participating in IAB’s GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework for TagCommander and its Privacy module.

In other words, when using Tag Commander, a company is guaranteed to have received the user’s consent and knows that it will be sent to its media partners in accordance with the guidelines laid out by IAB. Check out Commanders Act Consent Management Platform.

> See the full list of IAB-registered CMPs by clicking here.

Global Vendor

Commanders Act has also been added to the list of Global Vendors participating in IAB’s Transparency & Consent Framework for its MixCommander and DataCommander solutions.

This recognition allows us to be disclosed to publishers participating in the Framework, and to provide an easy-to-use approach to privacy.

>See the full list of IAB-registered Global Vendors by clicking here.