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Google Consent Mode integration to CAX platform

Stay compliant by early March with Google Consent Mode v2!

What is Google Consent Mode v2?

Consent Mode allows you to inform Google of your users’ consent to cookies or application identifiers. In the event of refusal, the beacons adjust their behaviour and respect users’ choices.

Consent Mode V2 interacts with our Consent Management Platform (CMP) to obtain user consent (consent banner for cookies, for example). Consent Mode receives your users’ consent choices, and dynamically adapts the behaviour of Analytics, Ads and third-party tags, which create or read cookies.

When using Google Analytics, Consent Mode compensates for the loss of data from users who have refused cookies by modeling behaviour and conversions.

In late November 2023, Google added parameters and levels of implementation allowing users to activate the transmission of data more subtly than before. 

Commanders Act is CMP Partner
benefits Google Consent Mode

Maintain your marketing even without user consent

Get the most of Google Ads campaigns with smart behaviour modelling!

Full Compliance with regulations

Thanks to automated adaptation to user consent, your tracking is always compliant to current regulations. 

Integrated in minutes

Nothing more simple than enabling Google Consent Mode to our server-side TMS. Only 3 steps are needed!

Better Audience Targeting

Integrating Commanders Act can enhance audience segmentation and targeting capabilities, leading to more effective Google ads campaigns.

Optimised Web Tracking

Google Consent Mode V2 allows you to model user behaviours and conversion for better measurement of performance.

Continuous ads optimisation

Because you keep track of users and conversions, you can continuously improve your ads to increase results.

Precise Analytics Reports

Increase the precision of your analytics reports thanks to the modeling of behaviour and conversions

How can we help you?

Commanders Act is part of the CMP Partner Program launched in 2022.

  • To use Google services, it is required to use a certified CMP that supports GDPR regulations and IAB TCF 2.2 Framework. 
  • Enable Google Consent Mode in only a few clicks
  • With Commanders Act, you can easily optimize consent rates thanks to A/B testing on your consent banners

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