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A conversion API typically refers to a type of API that facilitates the transmission of data related to conversions or actions taken by users on a website or application. This API is commonly used to track and report on various types of user interactions, such as purchases, sign-ups, form submissions, or other desired actions.

Our CAX platform is fully compatible with any Conversion API you can find on the market!

It is very easy to set these APIs up, only a few clicks are necessary!

Google Enhanced Conversions

By combining CAX with Google Ads Enhanced Conversions, advertisers can track conversions effectively, enhance the ability to capture lost conversions due to technical limitations, and optimize targeting and ads using first-party data.

Facebook CAPI

Utilizing a customer data platform, advertisers on Facebook can leverage enriched customer profiles from online and offline data sources to optimize ad spend and deliver high-quality advertising experiences.


The ready-to-use integration of TikTok CAPI enables continued ad measurement by helping businesses leverage first-party consented data across their organization, ultimately optimizing campaign performance through increased data volume.

Snapchat CAPI

The real-time, plug-and-play server-side integration of Commanders Act for Snapchat Conversions API enables our clients to benefit from a more reliable and secure method of data sharing.

Amazon Ads CAPI

The combined usage of Amazon Ads CAPI and Commanders Act will allow advertisers to increase ROAS while continuously optimizing ads thanks to CAX data enrichment feature.

Pinterest API for Conversions

CAX server-side integration of Pinterest API for conversion will allow you to transmit data faster while gathering more accurate data to enrich user profiles and improve Pinterest Ads campaigns.

LinkedIn CAPI

LinkedIn CAPI will allow you to make the most of LinkedIn ads and expand your ROAS while improving reports and analysis of your ads.

X (Twitter) CAPI

The X (Twitter) Conversions API allows you to track conversions across multiple devices, improving attribution and ROI while maintaining full compliance to GDPR or CCPA.

And more….

Reddit CAPI

The Trade Desk CAPI

LinkPrice CAPI

Value Commerce CAPI

Criteo CAPI

Kayak CAPI

Tripadvisor CAPI

Skyscanner CAPI

Trivago CAPI

What are the key benefits?

By leveraging CAPI alongside Commanders Act, businesses can maintain better control over user data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, as they have more control over how data is collected and transmitted.

CAPI allows for the direct transmission of conversion data from your server to platforms like Facebook or Google, ensuring more accurate and reliable data compared to relying solely on client-side tracking methods like cookies.

CAPI can help bridge the gap in cross-device tracking by providing a more comprehensive view of user interactions, allowing marketers to better understand customer journeys across multiple devices.

Combining CAPI with a CDP allows for the consolidation of first-party customer data from various touchpoints, enabling more accurate audience segmentation and personalized advertising campaigns based on real-time insights