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Keep track of your users with Facebook Conversion API

Unlock the potential of Facebook campaigns with our server-side TMS

Facebook’s Conversions API (CAPI) is a tool that allows advertisers to send data directly from their servers to Facebook’s servers. This data transmission occurs server-to-server, bypassing the need for browser-based tracking methods like the Facebook Pixel. With CAPI, advertisers can track and measure events such as website visits, purchases, registrations, and other conversions without relying solely on cookies or browser tracking.

The integration of Facebook CAPI and Commanders Act Tag Manager provides a more robust, accurate, and privacy-compliant approach to tracking and measuring conversions on the platform

Businesses setting up this new integration have improved performance on the following KPIs :

Enhance your performance with Facebook CAPI & Commanders Act

Get the most of Facebook Ads campaigns with better data collection !

Easy Setup

Connecting Facebook CAPI to our server-side TMS is as easy as it gets! Just a few clicks and you’re all set!

Improved Data Accuracy

With Facebook CAPI, you have the ability to capture interactions that might be overlooked because of ad blockers, browser configurations, or other constraints.

Better Conversion Attribution

As you gather additional data, the accuracy of conversion attribution increases.

Improved Tracking

The Facebook CAPI offers a holistic perspective of the sales funnel, granting businesses deeper insights into user behavior.

Marketing Investment optimisation

With Facebook CAPI and enhanced tracking of user behavior, there’s a significant expansion in customer insights, empowering digital teams to make more targeted investment decisions across segments.

More control over data

Through the implementation of Facebook CAPI, you obtain greater command over both incoming and outgoing data transmissions.

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