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TagCommander is now Commanders Act


Already 7 years old and counting! For its birthday, TagCommander, the European Tag Management solution and preferred partner of more than 400 e-commerce actors, becomes Commanders Act.

Commanders Act NS


The brand

With more than 400 customers around the world and an amount of data collected more and more important, it became clear that the company treated, as a priority all data management. The development of a DMP (Data Management Platform) that brings together all pre-existing tools to give them more power is now the basis of the new brand strategy.

Moreover, the fast development of the company already leader in Europe and the opening of offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Milan made it a priority to give a new dimension to its organization. TagCommander offers are now available in several languages as an optimized Tag Management solution, easy to set up and very performant as well as the best Data Management Platform on the market. This offer combination brings a much broader proposal and a solution with real opportunities for its customers. The online marketing management is now more efficient, more open to other systems and livelier.

The brand has evolved in its nature and in its dimension; it was therefore normal that the identity changed. The name has changed to Commanders Act.

Focus on performance and looking at the future, its solgan is now :



  • Optimisation is the company’s first brick. Its performances in Tag Management have allowed the company to become the European leader. The company must continue to excel in this field.
  • Performance is the company’s current It embodies data management. On this topic, Commanders Act will be soon as recognized like its original business.
  • Innovationis about the company’s newbusinesses. A regular observation and the ability to invent innovative activities will allow the company to still flourish in 10 years.



4 products have been renamed to materialize the Commanders Act offer.

TagCommander for Tag Management:

Tag Commander NS

DataCommander for customer’s data management platform (DMP):

Data Commander

FuseCommander to manage user’s identities reconciliation:

Fuse Commander

MixCommander to understand and optimise your management media budget:

Mix Commander


Michael Froment, Commanders Act Chairman and CEO stated: « This new identity is not only a strong engagement towards our current and future customers but also a fantastic way to measure our team implication.  Everybody is ready to approach this new page in our history »

With more than 800 solutions sold, Commanders Act offers the broader coverage of the European ecosystem, manageable from a very intuitive interface and without coding. For all channels, all devices the CommandersAct solution allows for a healthy and exhaustive collect and data management to measure campaign performance.Commanders Act follows the consumer wherever they are involved, optimize interactions and allows very fine tuning for the implementation and the campaign life cycle.

Benefits for marketing teams are significant. With attractive and seducing ergonomics (very different from market habits), Commanders Act tools allow a more agile and faster campaign deployment on all channels, a very refined control on campaign life cycle, an adjustment on each visitor’s profile and a rationalised and secured data collection. Tools developped by Commanders Act also allow improved pages download volume time and increase conversion rate.

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