Track conversions more efficiently using TikTok Events API!

Get the full extent of TikTok Ads with our Tag Manager

The TikTok CAPI ensures a dependable link between TikTok and advertiser data sources (servers, websites, apps, or CRMs), allowing advertisers to tailor the information they transmit. This sharing facilitates accurate ad performance measurement, optimization of ad delivery, and the creation of targeted audiences.

Businesses setting up this new integration have improved performance on the following KPIs :

Enhance your performance with the TikTok CAPI & Commanders Act

Get the most of TikTok Ads campaigns with better data collection !

Easy setup
Nothing more simple than connecting TikTok Events API to our server-side TMS. Only a few clicks are required !

Enhanced Data Accuracy
TikTok CAPI brings a more accurate and reliable data collection, improving reporting & performances.

Better Audience Targeting
Integrating with Commanders Act can enhance audience segmentation and targeting capabilities, leading to more effective ad campaigns.

Optimised Conversion Measurement
TikTok Events API will allow you to collect more data and capture missing conversions otherwise lost because of adblockers, cookie refusal, and third-party cookie disappearance.

Continuous ads optimisation
Better data signals feeding our CDP, activate more relevant audiences for optimum TikTok ads performance.

Reduction of time spent on manual data transfer
Integrating with the TikTok CAPI automates the process of sharing event data with TikTok, saving time and resources compared to manual data uploads or transfers.