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The Challenges

A highly contrasting environment is the best way to describe the situation in the banking and insurance sector. On the one hand, customers mainly use websites and apps to check their accounts. On the other hand, footfall in their branches is dwindling. The result is that banks and insurers tend to ask the same questions. How can they encourage customers to discover other products? How can their branches contribute to their cross-selling efforts?

In practice, these challenges involve all the touchpoints, not just websites, apps and branches, but also call centres, text messages, emails and advertising mail, without forgetting social networks. Managing the data collection process across every channel is the key to ensuring that relevant interactions can be orchestrated.

Detect an interest

Has a customer visited a themed partner site? A context-sensitive email is sent to transform that interest into a sales opportunity during an appointment in the branch arranged by the call centre.

Stimulate cross-selling

Has the customer shown an interest in the latest emails concerning a new product or service? The call centre is activated to assess the level of interest and suggest arranging an appointment with an advisor.

Reduce the churn rate

Are customers lingering on the pages explaining the terms for cancellation? Then you might as well contact them as soon as possible using their preferred channels (email, phone call, and so on) to listen to their grievances and propose a constructive solution.

Our Approach

Commanders Act addresses these issues by taking a perspective that encompasses as much of the omnichannel environment as possible. Synergising all the digital touchpoints with the call centres and branches involves reconciling CRM and e-marketing, obviously without forgetting to comply with regulatory requirements governing personal data.

Experience has shown that this type of reconciliation can be achieved and used to trigger activations according to the behaviour observed. In addition, once data management practices are in place, campaigns can be implemented with much greater agility.

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