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Is it possible to reconcile media budget optimisation and performance?

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Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, budgets are under increasing pressure, and digital teams are being challenged on a daily basis to improve the profitability of their marketing actions.   With Adloop, the digital media optimisation platform acquired by Commanders Act in October 2023, marketers can now regain control of their digital budgets to assess the […]

How to reconcile data enrichment and consent?

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“Too complex and too risky“. This is often the verdict that falls when, in a meeting, an acquisition manager suggests enriching the data collected via digital touchpoints. Indeed, since May 2018 (when GDPR came into force) and as the regulators directives have unfolded, ensuring compliance in terms of personal data protection while cross-referencing data for […]

Server-side Migration: why proceed step by step

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Migrating to the server-side must be done gradually, partner by partner. The aim is to give yourself time to “test and learn” and to work on the quality of the data.   No, opting for server-side does not mean that all partners have to be migrated in a hurry. On the contrary, everything is converging […]

What data strategy when media budgets are at half mast?

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Since the summer of 2022 and for the first half of 2023 at least, media budgets, including digital, are like the economy: gloomy. How can we continue to work with data in this context? On which pillars should we rely to get the full value of interactions with audiences? Here’s an overview. A low tide […]

Improving data quality, a key issue for companies

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In a world where data is increasingly valuable to businesses, ensuring its quality is essential to guaranteeing the effectiveness of campaigns and therefore maximizing marketing investments. This is where our platform comes into play. Why is data quality so important to businesses? Data quality is crucial for businesses because it directly impacts their ability to make informed […]

Checklist 2022 – Improve your tracking before Black Friday

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  Like every year, Black Friday promises to attract a lot of people, which should generate a large amount of data to be processed by data teams. Make sure your tracking is ready for this event by reading our best practices.     Did you like this checklist and want to know more about your […]

Identifying & reaching out to consumers across channels

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Whether on the website, in the store or via email, every channel which enables consumers to communicate with a company generates customer data. However, each of these channels provides only a fraction of the information about the consumer as a person. Only when the various details are amalgamated does a uniform picture emerge – like […]

Does the mix of first, second and third-party data need an overhaul?

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First, second and third-party data are suffering from the fallout of consent collection regulations and the end of third-party cookies. Zero-party data are shaping up to be a solution. Major changes are sweeping the digital marketing scene, especially when it comes to data. The time has come to review the classics, particularly the famous trio […]

What are the alternatives to cookies?

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Google may have recently granted third-party cookies a stay of execution, but the question is still a hot topic. What solutions are available for replacing cookies? How can companies maintain their digital activations while protecting personal data? Time to review the options. A stay of execution… that is exactly what Google recently granted by announcing […]

Data governance: four key aspects

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Manage the data lifecycle with clearly defined rules and roles, and harness the data to drive the company’s growth… that is basically what data governance is all about. But what about in the real world? In practical terms, how many types of data governance are there? At least four. Read on for an explanation… Strategic […]

Discovering Insights : What can be learned through a Prediction Tree?

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Let’s take an example with this Prediction tree generated on an ecommerce website: How to interpret it? Red represents a strong probability of purchase (the darker the red, the higher the probability) Blue represents a strong probability of no purchase (the darker the blue, the less chance a user will purchase) The first point to […]

10 ways the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe uses its DMP

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On the occasion of E-Commerce One to One Monaco, Rémi Deltombe agreed to co-lead a workshop with us about the data-driven customer experience within the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe.

Using Data to Predict

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By 2020 Big Data will consist of 40 zettaoctets of information (1021 octets), which is times 33 what it was in 2010, while research on the subject has increased twentyfold since 2009. Évolution du nombre de recherches pour « Big Data » dans le monde de 2009 à 2016 – Google Trends However, data has been collected […]

Understanding Customers Better Through First, Second and Third Party Data

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Nowadays, Big Data is essential to understanding customers better. It is made of different data categories, including first, second and third party. What do they consist of? What are their main differences? Are they all necessary? Which ones should be prioritized? Here are our answers to your questions. The main difference between the three types […]

CCT Consulting

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Camille Chaudet of web analytics agency CCT Consulting talks about data quality and cross-channel insight trends currently being experienced by her clients.
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