White Paper Data Governance - Why is Data Governance so strategic in 2023 and how can a CDP support your program?

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Customer knowledge: integrate and secure your data

On March 23, François Labonne, Head of Professional Services and Nicolas Naparty, Customer Success Accelerator at Commanders Act hosted a webinar on Data Governance and more specifically on data integration and security. Here are the key points. 1. What is Data Governance ? “Data governance is everything you do to ensure that data is secure, […]

Discover our checklist to implement Data Governance easily!

Implementing data governance is not a simple matter. In addition to defining rules and standards that allow you to make your data accessible and understandable, you also need to involve the entire organization and define roles. Thanks to our checklist, learn how to implement data governance in 4 steps: Define the use cases Define the […]
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