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500+ leading companies are using Commanders Act Platform X to collect, analyse and activate marketing data with the goal of optimizing business growth.

Improved Data

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A single enterprise-grade platform to drive business growth

Trusted customer data fuels better experiences
and increases ad budget efficiency


Leverage Trusted, Compliant Data to Increase Customer Activations & ROI

Trusted First-Party Data Collection

  • Streamline Customer Data Collection
    Leverage server-side & trusted first-party customer data for superior targeting and engagement.
  • Transform, Enrich & Deliver Data
    Enrich data using a comprehensive set of transformation scripts. Distribute them Server-Side.
  • Ensure Uninterrupted Data Quality
    Avoid the cost of bad data by ensuring controlled data processes complying with data governance.

Ad Budget Optimization

  • Comprehensive Campaigns Data Hub
    Centralize marketing data from any source. Analyze through a comprehensive set of reports.
  • Single Source of Truth
    Ensure a real understanding of campaigns performance by leveraging data-driven attribution.
  • Turn Ad Data into Actionable Insights
    Improve bidding strategies by using AI-based ad-level Smart Recommendations.

Customer Profiling & Activation

  • Holistic View of Customers
    Reconcile scattered customer profile by mix and matching data from different sources.
  • Centrally manage Audience Segments
    Create segments based on dozens of filters & criteria and dynamically update audiences in platforms.
  • Progressively Deploy Activation Scenarios
    Use audiences to deliver rich, relevant ads & experiences across channels and properties.

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