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Webinar - Cookieless future ep. 2 : Kampagnensteuerung in einer Welt ohne Cookies


The Challenges

To build trust amidst the uncertainties of today’s climate, travel professionals need to ensure end-to-end control over the customer experience.

Professionals are only too aware that the face of the tourism industry has radically changed in the wake of the health crisis. Not surprisingly, the travel industry has been battered by an unprecedented crisis. International tourist arrivals in Europe dropped by 44% between January and April 2020 according to the World Tourism Organization. When will tourists be ready to travel again? Where will they go?

The availability of a vaccine clearly enters the equation, but so does the clarity of the booking process. Transparent terms and conditions for refunds, unambiguous insurance options and high-quality information about the health conditions at the destination are essential, as confirmed in a study by Booking. More than ever, tour operators need to act as a trusted coach in supporting and guiding customers throughout the travel process, from the first desire through to booking.

Guarantee a personalised experience in an omnichannel environment

Several devices are used when booking a trip. Regardless of the device, professionals must be capable of personalising the experience.

Accompany visitors every step of the way

Plagued by the uncertainties in the current environment, the standard booking process is looking more fragmented than before. That is why it is so important to retarget users with as much context as possible according to the actual stage in their journey, from exploring the different trips available through to confirming their purchase.

Ensure that consent is managed transparently

Before professionals can guide their customers every step of the way, they need to obtain their consent. Tour operators face the dual challenge of complying with regulations while incorporating consent collection into the overall experience.

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