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The Challenges

Audience and revenue… that is the double challenge that the media face when managing consent. First of all, they need to comply with the different regulations, including the GDPR and the future ePrivacy Regulation. They also need to fully embrace the advertising ecosystem by applying the IAB’s TCF v2 framework (Transparency Control Framework) to the letter if they want to market their inventories.

How can they fulfil these requirements while enhancing the user experience? The media may sometimes see the question as tantamount to squaring the circle, especially since the rules of the game are likely to change again over the months ahead. Implementing a system that can guarantee conformity and increase agility is becoming mission-critical.

Leverage a CMP endorsed by the IAB

From websites to apps, monetising inventories now involves using an IAB-recognised Consent Management Platform (CMP) that meets the TCF v2 framework.

Align with current and future regulations

The ePrivacy Regulation will come hot on the heels of the GDPR. And then what? Personal data management, one of the hottest trending topics, is spawning regulations that the media have no choice but to comply with, and they often have very little time to do so.

Enhance the user experience

One of the keys to maximising consent is taking great care over how the different screens are sequenced, while measuring the impact of each change.

Our Approach

Commanders Act is not only the vendor of TrustCommander, the CMP solution endorsed by the IAB for TCF v2, but also a more global platform. From attribution through to segmentation and tag management, the Commanders Act platform enables the media to ramp up their technical performance and improve their audience insights.

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