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The challenges

Constantly improving customer insights is much more than a preoccupation for e-commerce professionals, it is a real obsession and rightly so because enhancing customer intimacy is the solution for increasing their loyalty. 

The growth of the e-commerce sector is not only fuelled by running acquisition campaigns and keeping the famous “CAC” under control (Customer Acquisition Cost). Such growth also depends on the ability to retain customers and develop their CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).  The underlying question is: what constitutes a “good customer”? 

Benefit from a global view of the customer journeys

Customer knowledge cannot be achieved without the ability to reconcile customers’ actions across the many devices that they use throughout their relationship with the brand.

Personalize activations

Breaking down information silos (advertising, transactions, logistics, relational, etc.) is the way to ensure truly contextual activations, with the added bonus of more conversions.

Manage actions based on the customer value

Why restrict metrics to the average basket value or aggregated purchases when the customer value can be calculated using other indicators, such as the margin generated.

Our Approach

Commanders Act can support you in achieving each and every one of your growth objectives. The idea is not to add another brick to your martech stack, but bring an ambitious and pragmatic edge to your strategy. For example, there is no point focusing on personalising activations until the customer journeys have been reconciled or until any silos between teams have been removed.

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