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Tag Commander

TagCommander redefines the standards of Tag Management
by going far beyond simply managing the tag lifecycle

Improve your business’s operational agility

Comply with the GDPR directive

Minimise the impact of tags on load time

Monitor the efficiency of your data collection actions

CommandersAct enabled us to reduce our page load time by 15%. We can now deploy a new solution in under two weeks instead of a month.

Alexandre Métier
Senior Manager, digital data collection

Tag lifecycle management

Digital organisations must enhance their operational agility if they are to survive in the ever-changing worlds of Adtech and Martech.

Managing the lifecycle of technology partnerships is the first step to this longevity.

Any successful marketing team must be able to deploy campaigns quickly.

An Enterprise Tag Management solution empowers them to do so while helping ensuring proper configuration and optimisation.

Tag lifecycle management

Privacy compliant

Personal data privacy compliant

The subject of privacy is a hot topic whose importance is set to grow with the introduction of tighter CNIL controls and the GDPR directive.

Data collection, whether it occurs on web or mobile, must comply with current regulations to respect the privacy of customers and prospects.

The concern is even higher for customer-centric marketing, where the potential revenues generated by targeting and personalisation are constantly growing.

The regulations recommend that Chief Digital Officers pay particular attention, as it is as much a matter of protecting their customers’ interests as securing their own data.


The revolution in programmatic marketing has led to a huge increase in the use of tag technology, with more and more tags being used. There is also a sharp rise in the number of second-level tags called by first-level tags, a worrying trend for IT departments in charge of the website’s performance.

Digital organisations must find the right balance between marketing and customer experience. Having access to reliable data shared between the marketing and IT teams is the first step to optimising campaign efforts.

TagPerformance provides a complete assessment of the load time of every one of your tags.

TagPerformance for a better page load time

Library of 800+ solutions for digital marketing, all pre-configured

Optimised governance thanks to granular user permissions

Control embed quality for peace-of-mind when deploying campaigns

No Single Point of Failure in our technology to affect your websites’ availability

Collaboration friendly: history of actions and previous container versions documented

Rules for intelligent activation of tags and native integration with your DMP DataCommander segments

Expert service

Customer support for TMS et DMP


Our consultants are here to answer all your questions. Become part of our community and enjoy full access to our 24/7 support in 5 languages.

Combination of classic data center and cloud-based data servers

Robust & secure

Our combination of classic data centre plus the cloud for distant collection offers optimum protection and lightning-fast reactivity.

Data storage on French servers

Privacy compliant

Your data is exclusively stocked on our French servers, and thus subject to current CNIL (France IT Commission) and Article 29 Working Party regulations.

Commanders Act’s TMS and DMP are mobile-first solutions

Mobile ready

Our mobile-first solutions put the power to master your mobile marketing efforts directly in your hands, without any technical expertise.