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A new data collection standard

According to Commanders Act

Paradoxically, it is at the very moment when data seems to be the most essential that it also becomes more fragile. Adblockers and the inhibition of cookies by browsers complicate the collection of data while the GDPR strictly regulates it. In this cookieless landscape, a new way of collecting and processing data is gradually emerging: the Server-Side.

What are the benefits of Server-Side?

Improved performance

The “web’perf” has become a sensitive subject for digital teams. And for good reason, it plays a decisive role in the quality of the user experience. Every second saved in loading time results in additional conversions. The good news is that Server-Side reduces Javascript code and makes pages lighter.

More qualitative data

Server-side is not just about collecting data without partners tags. It also means centralising the data on a server to clean it up – and enrich it if necessary. As this processing is no longer distributed to your visitors’ browsers, this work can be carried out in a much more precise manner, in interaction with your martech stack.

Increased control of compliance

There can be no data-driven marketing without rigorous respect for consent and protection of user data. The Server-Side contributes to these two issues in two ways: by reducing the number of tags, it exposes the data much less; and by centralising this data, it provides total control over its governance.

Better team agility

Ultimately, Server-Side results in much greater agility for teams who can now benefit from near real-time quality control of data. And much more flexibility to make corrections. With Server-Side, teams move from tag governance to data flow governance.

How does Server-Side work?

With Server-Side, the number of tags and information exchanges that the web browser must orchestrate is significantly reduced. For all solutions eligible for Server-Side, only one information transmission is required.
The platform receives this information, sorts it and enriches it if necessary by integrating it with other sources.
Once the information has been processed, it is communicated to partners from server to server (according to the users’ consent).

How to get ready for it?

Involve the DPO

Server-side may look like an IT project, but in practice the issues at stake go beyond the technical. The main subject of Server-Side is data governance. It is therefore essential to involve the Data Protection Officer as early as possible.

Inventory of partners

Several dozen partners are probably activated on your site. Not all of them will necessarily be operational immediately in Server-Side. Hence the importance of making an inventory of them and assessing their compatibility.

Start with the right candidates

Once this inventory has been completed, it is time to launch the first migrations. We might as well do it with partners who are already well versed in the Server-Side mechanism.

Sourcing the required expertise and communicating

It is possible that on the way to migrate to Server-Side you will need to call on different areas of expertise (legal, technical, marketing, etc.). Be sure to communicate regularly to make progress on your projects.

Commanders Act

30+ ready-to-use Server-Side connectors

Our server-side connectors allow your teams to quickly and efficiently connect your systems and partners. They are an addition to our library of 1200+ client-side connectors. A library that is constantly evolving.

Whatever the category you are looking for (advertising, emailing, SMS, onsite personalization, push notifications, mobile), take advantage of integrations that are easy to set up, require no special technical skills and can be customised.

With Commanders Act you benefit from a native server-side platform, designed for the cookieless era. From consent management to campaign orchestration, Commanders Act guarantees continuity in your digital marketing and agile implementation. The platform offers ready-to-use Server-Side connectors with a wide range of partners (Meta, Google, Criteo, AT Internet, Kameleoon, AB Tasty…).

Kevin Jakubec
Senio web analys

We were faced with server-side configuration, architecture and tool configuration issues on our projects. We were able to successfully carry out the desired projects thanks to the expertise, responsiveness and agility of the Commanders Act teams.

Rapidité et agilité

    Server-Side: your questions, our answers

    What is the impact of Server-Side on consent?
    These are two separate issues. Migrating to Server-Side does not in any way dispense with the collection of consent. This consent will be disseminated through the Server-Side, so that the partner data streams comply with the users’ indications.

    Does a site that has already integrated a Client-Side TMS need to invest less to migrate to a Server-Side TMS?
    Yes, to a certain extent, because a call is still required to activate the Server-Side. This call can be made from the Client-Side container, so you don’t have to implement it. A datalayer already in place will make this easier for you.

    Does the Server-Side allow the use of other variables than those of the datalayer?
    Yes, it does. The Server-Side allows you to interact with other applications in your martech stack to enrich the information – within the limits of the consents given by the users.

    How soon will partner solutions be compatible with Server-Side?
    It all depends on the nature of the actions performed by these partners: identify? collect? interact? For identification, you can do without the client-side tag; for collection, the switch seems possible; for interaction (e.g. personalisation), it looks more delicate. And it is very likely that for the same partner, some pages are tracked in Client-Side and others are processed in Server-Side. Note that Commanders Act already offers 30 ready-to-use Server-Side connectors.

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