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White Paper Data Governance - Download our White Paper to manage your data assets and activate your audiences.

Improve your Data Governance with our CDP

In an increasingly constrained environment, defining standards that allox companies to remain compliant is essential. With Commanders Act X, address the issue of Data Governance under 5 pillars:


Data Integration

Data usage

Data Visualization

Meet Data Governance Criteria with CDP

Control your end-to-end data sharing

Gain in productivity

Target your users precisely

Protect your organization

Gain independance

Improve your ROAS

Finer management of consents

Monitor your data in real time

Calculate the cost of the revenue generated

With the Customer Data Platform, guarantee the security of your customer data

In an increasingly regulated environment, Commanders Act X provides a secure framework for your data, which is hosted in Europe.

With enhanced accessibility protocols, and thanks to role and user management, as well as password management, you can keep control of who accesses what data with just a few clicks.

In case of a problem, access the backup of your logs and a back-up solution.

Stay compliant with GDPR regulations

With our GDPR compliant consent management solution, create and set up your banners with ease.

Keep control of your data: encrypt and anonymize the necessary data before transmitting it to your partners.

Build trust with your users: inform your customers about the data store and delete it permanently if requested.

Ensure data quality and integrity for better use

1. Ensure data quality

Data comes from multiple sources (CRM, website, mobile…), so defining standards becomes crucial to make the best use of this data.

With the Data Quality function, normalize and standardize your data according to your applications or reports.

Monitor in real time the quality of your data, be alerted of any erroneous data.

2. Ensure data integrity

Commanders Act X allow you to integrate and reconcile multi-source data via API or through the source catalog.Providing your partners with clean data can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task, yet it is essential for your marketing effectiveness. The Data cleansing function allows you to automate the cleaning of your data.

Collect quality data related to consents, and send only the necessary data to your partners.

Make your customer data talk, segment and gain in efficiency!

Our Customer data Platform allows you to manage complex data models.

Orchestrate and activate yoru data via plug & play data pipelines, without calling on your IT teams!

Create more accurate segments by mixing different data types to improve activation and deployment of new use cases.

Evaluate the impact of your cross-channel campaigns

Marketing teams enjoy increased independence from IT teams, increased productivity, and can draw comprehensive analyses on the impact of their campaigns to ultimately improve their ROAS and optimize investments.

With Commanders Act you benefit from a native server-side platform designed for the cookieless era. From consent management to campaign orchestration, Commanders Act ensures continuity in your digital marketing and agile implementation. The platform offers ready-to-use Server-Side connectors with a wide range of partners (Meta, Google, Criteo, AT Internet, Kameleoon, AB Tasty…).

Kevin Jakubec
Senior web analyst

Nous étions face à des problématiques de configuration server-side, d’architecture ou encore de configuration des outils sur nos projets. Nous avons pu réaliser avec succès les projets souhaités notamment grâce à l’expertise, la réactivité et l’agilité des équipes Commanders Act.

Rapidité et agilité
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