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Identity Resolution

Marketing is about people, not devices

Less but more

Today, the most important challenge for a brand is to know the person it is talking to. GDPR, Browser’s last updates, identifying all your visitors is a quite tricky challenge. Reaching 100% of identification will be impossible in most cases.

Nevertheless incremental performance coming from a smarter interaction with identified audiences is worth the effort. AI-based approach relies also on taking advantage of identified visitors samples to leverage rules for the unknown ones.

Our feature Identity Resolution can help you to do so.


Smart interactions needs identification


Customer experience is the strongest driver of digital performance and one of your top priorities. Personnalization tactics needs to rely on clear information among which identity is the most important. Most performant campaigns are People Centric.

Achieve your data goals

Create 360° views of your customers

The goal of marketing is not to reach devices but to convince people. Your first challenge is to identify users and recognize them in real-time.

Your second challenge is to enrich prospect and customer profiles with the history of interactions and signals. Merging online and offline events, bringing together web browsing and mobile app interaction are among the most common applications.

Customer Knowledge

Leverage Profile information


Identity acts as the entry key inside your CDP, enabling to access to the customer profile to leverage values scores and segments. In an GDPR context, recognizing a user in real time opens the door to a better personalization strategy.

Our feature Identity Resolution allows optimized interaction which brings you increased performance, amplified by the ability to share the user ID with all your platforms.

Address your identity resolution challenges with Fuse Commander

Maximize your advertising potential by increasing user recognition

Getting an ID also opens the door to being able to engage the conversation after the use of your mobile app or after the visit of your website. Outside of your properties, ID is needed to recognize and address the right messages to your targeted audience.

In the emerging market, cookies are less and less supported by browsers. The risk is that it will be difficult to balance the economic profitability of your campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions about Identity Resolution Platforms

What is an Identity Resolution Platform?

An Identity Resolution Platform is a software platform that helps organizations consolidate and unify customer data from various sources to create a comprehensive and accurate view of each customer’s identity. It enables businesses to resolve identities across different touchpoints and devices, allowing for a more personalized and seamless customer experience.

Why is an Identity Resolution Platform important?

An Identity Resolution Platform plays a crucial role in providing a holistic understanding of customers. By connecting and matching data from multiple sources, such as online interactions, offline transactions, and social media, it helps organizations gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions. This enables businesses to deliver personalized marketing campaigns, optimize customer engagement, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

What features should I look for in an Identity Resolution Platform?

When evaluating an Identity Resolution Platform, consider features such as data matching and linking capabilities, advanced identity resolution algorithms, support for different data types and formats, real-time data integration, privacy and security measures, scalability, and the ability to handle large volumes of data. Additionally, look for platforms that offer analytics and reporting functionalities to derive actionable insights from the resolved customer identities.

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