Transform your data into action

Data Commander

Empowers digital teams to transform customer knowledge into marketing campaigns.

Gain a 360° view of your audience

Refine your marketing segmentation

Benefit from reliable and up-to-date customer profiles

Measure your segments’ performance

We are now able to combine both our CRM and e-marketing efforts. Data management means we can build automated campaigns based on behaviour that demonstrates interest and not just general targeting, therefore making them more relevant.

Rémi Deltombe
Digital project manager, CMNE

Build your customer 360° view

In an omni-channel, or at least cross-device, environment, it is difficult to send relevant messages with only a fraction of the information shared by your websites’ (mobile and desktop) and applications’ users. To construct a people-based marketing strategy, you must first identify the numerous digital identities of your visitors. Armed with this information, you can create your customer/prospect profiles. You can thus quickly identify your visitors as soon as they step onto your territory.

Our matching engine eliminates all the issues surrounding cross-device use and online/offline identities. Any efficient campaign begins with an in-depth understanding of your target profiles, and you in turn supply your partners up-to-date and complete information.

People-based marketing for a 360 customer view

Segment your audiences

Data hub & audience segmentation

Changes in the advertising ecosystem have transformed the way marketing teams operate. They can now forget about mass marketing and combine the precision of segmentation with the power of large-scale personalisation. The result? Messages become more relevant and new revenue streams open up.

All the available data sources must be unified to take full advantage of these new opportunities: internet browsing, on/offline ad impressions, CRM, social media and 2nd and 3rd party data.

Our segmentation engine isolates the target audiences by mixing the definition criteria to provide a real-time assessment of the size of your segments.

Campaign simulation offers another layer of additional value.

Activate your audience in real-time

Data activation is the stage where you transform your data assets into revenue. You take all the customer knowledge you have accumulated and use it to supply the campaign tools that will send out your messages. Share your segments with your partners so that they can concentrate their efforts and their technology’s intelligence accordingly.

Activation can be performed onsite by taking advantage of the synergy between DataCommander (DMP) and TagCommander (TMS). This enables your testing and retargeting tags, as well as your merchandising operations and CMS, to be fed with more precise information.

It can also occur offsite, for example, by feeding your DSP or trading desk.

The CommandersAct dashboard gives you the power to coordinate your partners and adapt the ad impression to the target profile. Offer a seamless experience from the banner seen on a news site right to the conversion on your own website.

Data activation

Monitor campaign performance

Customer journey tracking & cross channel attribution management

Benefit from real-time monitoring of your campaign KPIs and use MixCommander – the attribution management platform – for even more in-depth analysis. Easily assess the performance of your efforts and transform the most efficient into long-term campaigns.
Use your audience’s reaction to your campaigns to automatically simulate scenarios adapted to the resulting sub-audiences.
With DataCommander, you can freely manage your campaigns’ lifecycle through an automated campaign process.


Segmentation engine combining over 5 data spheres, allowing for the creation of complex segments

Library of connectors with the major marketing and advertising solutions

Real-time cycle: Collect – Process – Activate

Next-gen database able to hold up to 1 billion profiles

ID matching engine for an extensive people-centric approach

CRM Onboarding: Gain access to the digital IDs of your CRM contacts and increase your potential reach.

Expert service

Customer support for TMS et DMP


Our consultants are here to answer all your questions. Become part of our community and enjoy full access to our 24/7 support in 5 languages.

Combination of classic data center and cloud-based data servers

Robust & secure

Our combination of classic data centre plus the cloud for distant collection offers optimum protection and lightning-fast reactivity.

Data storage on French servers

Privacy compliant

Your data is stored exclusively on our French servers, and thus subject to current CNIL (France IT Commission) and Article 29 Working Party regulations.

Commanders Act’s TMS and DMP are mobile-first solutions

Mobile ready

Our mobile-first solutions put the power to master your mobile marketing efforts directly in your hands, without any technical expertise.