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Data Activation

Activation is key for performance

Listen to Customer Signals

In the digital world, understanding your customers’ signals is crucial.

Your challenge is to identify yours and to collect the messages that will allow your own marketing campaigns to be perfectly customized, leveraging these insights, to reach your business goals and the expectations of your contacts by increasing relevance.


Engage in real-time

Segment Overview

Customer experience is essential for brands today. It implies a real-time flow of information within the platform, enabling the extraction of valuable insights from the receipt of a new event to its use as a trigger for a marketing tactic, all while leveraging advanced analytics to activate precise personalization.

This personalisation must be done on a large scale without compromising the quality of the customer experience.

This is what our Data Activation Platform, with its robust analytics capabilities, offers you.

Trusted by our customers

Rely on a proven and recognised platform

Paolo Rohr
Digital Director of Sorgenia

Thanks to the personalisation of the site, the conversion rate has increased by 1 point

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acquisition funnel
    Engage in real time with our Data Activation feature

    Extend your scope

    When you look at the market, you quickly realise that omnichannel is still in its infancy. IPTV, IoT, in-App, Web, shops, cash registers, in-store kiosks, connected cars, and various other platforms…

    It is clear that the data collection perimeter is going to get bigger and bigger. Challenges are about collection signals across all channels and reconciliate them.

    Our server-side expertise improves and accelerates the adoption of the opportunities across multiple platforms.

    Source Overview

    Enhanced profiling

    Augmented User Attributes

    Whether customers or prospects, the contact base that feeds the platform does not necessarily have all the qualities necessary to become the heart of your digital strategy.

    The business team needs a layer of autonomy to create new scores for more effective targeting or new metrics to measure campaign performance more accurately.

    Powerful segmentation

    Our segmentation engine is inspired by the “no code” approach to allow any member of a business team to take control of building their campaign.

    Segments, simple or complex, are created without a single line of code to maximise the use of internal resources and give maximum autonomy to digital teams.

    Segment Edition
    Become an Omnichannel Marketing Pioneer with our Data Activation feature!

    Use Cases culture

    Approche Use Case

    A “Use Case” culture allowing pragmatic and efficient progress by focusing on the most valuable applications for the organisation.

    Centred around an objective such as customer experience and personalisation, around one of your partners or an activation channel, the possibilities of activation with our Data Activation. Platform are numerous and allow for a continuous appropriation of the platform and its value.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Data Activation Platforms

    What is a Data Activation Platform?

    A Data Activation Platform is a software platform that enables organizations to effectively collect, integrate, and leverage their data for informed decision-making and optimizing their operations. It provides functionalities for data collection, integration of multiple data sources, audience segmentation, message personalization, and delivery of targeted marketing campaigns.

    Why is a Data Activation Platform important?

    A Data Activation Platform is crucial for organizations as it allows them to harness the full potential of their data. It facilitates the transformation of raw data into actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making. Through this platform, businesses can better understand their customers, improve marketing targeting, personalize offers, and optimize campaigns, resulting in overall improved business performance.

    What features should I look for in a Data Activation Platform?

    When evaluating a Data Activation Platform, look for features such as easy integration with different data sources, advanced analytics capabilities, audience segmentation, message personalization, campaign automation, performance tracking dashboards, collaboration features, and user-friendly interface. It is also important to consider scalability, data security, and compliance with privacy regulations.

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