Enterprise Tag Manager

Trusted First-party
Data Collection

Seamlessly gather customer interactions across channels & platforms ensuring privacy compliance. Effortlessly share data with marketing partners, client or server-side.

Enterprise Tag Manager System

Use Cases

GTM-ready server-side integration

Already using a client-side integration of GTM on your site or app? Need to move to server-side destinations? Take advantage of our Enterprise Tag Manager to do so.

Optimising Consent Rates

More consent means more consumer data. More consumer data means better targeting, better campaigns and better personnalization. In a few words : more ROI.

Cookie Keeper

Digital IDs are more challenged than ever. Keep on enriching customer profiles by maintaining a proper user identification .

Streamline Customer Data Collection

Leverage server-side & trusted first-party customer data for superior targeting and engagement effectiveness.

Omnichannel Data Sources

Collect interactions from all your customer channels such as Sites, Mobile Apps, PoS terminals or IoTs through robust data pipelines.

Manage & Share User Consent

Easily collect and utilize customer consent data across all experiences, and proactively ensure privacy with our advanced, integrated consent management tools.

Q/A made simple

Save hours of hard work and testing with our no-code Q/A features. Empower  your dev team to focus on more added-value projects.

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Transform, Enrich & Deliver Data

Enrich data coming from your sources using a comprehensive set of transformation scripts. Distribute them Server-Side to ad & analytics platforms.

Transform your Data without Tech Skills

Our No-code features transform customer data properties and enrich them with other sources like your CRM or a product catalog. Easily map them to match requirements per destination.

Control Data Delivery on the Fly

Detect & react to inaccurate data quickly and effectively to deliver clean and compliant data to your marketing platforms for improved targeting and conversions.

CAPI & Server-Side Destinations

Stream enriched data in your marketing ecosystem using 1200+ data destinations. Move to a better controlled environment with CAPI & Server-Side compliant destinations.

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