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How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

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White Paper – How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

A large majority (62%) of marketers report less than full confidence in their data systems (The High-Velocity Data Marketer, CMO Council, 2022). Poor data quality is estimated to cost 44% of companies more than 10% of their revenue every year. (The State of CRM Data Health in 2022, Validity, 2022)

Besides, as data collected are expanding, organizations need to clean, normalize and classify them in order to allow teams to find them easily. It’s up to Data Governance to solve these problems. It’s a topic that marketers don’t know much about, yet it’s becoming more important every day.

In this white paper, we’ll explore why data governance is so strategic in 2023 and how a customer data platform can support your data governance program.

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