White Paper Data Governance - Why is Data Governance so strategic in 2023 and how can a CDP support your program?

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How to use CDP at each stage of the customer lifecycle

The customer experience is played out at every stage of the customer relationship lifecycle. Key moments for which the data collected in the CDP plays a key role. Discover our review of the use cases. It all starts with the first messages sent. Those that capture the attention and lead to the acquisition of the […]

How to implement Data Governance in your organization?

White Paper – How to implement Data Governance in your organization? A large majority (62%) of marketers report less than full confidence in their data systems (The High-Velocity Data Marketer, CMO Council, 2022). Poor data quality is estimated to cost 44% of companies more than 10% of their revenue every year. (The State of CRM Data […]

Improving data quality, a key issue for companies

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In a world where data is increasingly valuable to businesses, ensuring its quality is essential to guaranteeing the effectiveness of campaigns and therefore maximizing marketing investments. This is where our platform comes into play. Why is data quality so important to businesses? Data quality is crucial for businesses because it directly impacts their ability to make informed […]

Infographic Sales 2023 – Best practices to increase customer engagement during sales

In a context where 48% of French people say they are worried about their purchasing power and 75% want to change their purchasing behavior (OpinionWay study, “From purchasing duty to purchasing power: the relationship of the French with consumption” 2022), the sales represent a critical period for advertisers who must be creative to stand out among the […]

How to choose the right CDP?

All Customer Data Platforms can build unified customer profiles. But features still vary widely among systems, both in terms of the core features that build customer profiles and additional features that perform other functions. Finding the right CDP for your business requires a close look at what each system provides compared with what your company […]

Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform

White Paper – Time to invest in a Customer Data Platform “Our tools give business users direct control of their first-party data.” “We provide an up-to-the-second view of all your customer data.” Chances are high that those promises sound familiar. You’ve heard them from companies selling data warehouses, Customer Relationship Management, Master Data Management, Integration […]

Personalisation: a key use case for the CDP

What role can the CDP play in leading marketing towards greater maturity? Let’s be honest, the learning curve with digital activation is a tacit one. It is an unwritten rule that defines which steps need to be taken. In this particular model, the use of a CDP seems to occupy the top rung of the […]

Personalisation: the favourite playground for CDP

White Paper: Personalisation : the favourite playground for CDP Personalising the Customer Journey to guarantee a high impact customer experience and achieve such goals as acquisition and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the Holy Grail among marketing professionals. There is no shortage of activation strategies that they can harness to reach those aims, whether personalising the […]

Commanders Act continues to grow in the Customer Data Platform market

With its 10th year in business just around the corner, Commanders Act is confirming its expertise and maturity in data and consent collection in a rapidly evolving market. Paris, 6 February 2020 – For Commanders Act, the European leader in the SaaS-based CDP (Customer Data Platform), a highlight of 2019 will have been its sustained […]

Customer Data Platform: five key benefits

What can you expect from a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? What role does it play alongside existing solutions (CRM, marketing automation, etc.)? How can it help address the major challenges inherent in omnichannel marketing, people-based marketing and first-party data? Read on for the answers.

Is a CDP made for you?

Is a CDP suited to your needs? Will the global investment – not only financial, but also the time and energy you will put in – be worth it? Here are a few questions to help you decide. Are you looking to leverage your first-party data? This is the CDP’s primary vocation: to help improve […]

Case Study Sorgenia

Sorgenia is an Italian energy supplier who took advantage of the Commanders Act platform to customize its offer and improve its customer service. The company has identified three main challenges: Taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by digital technology to help transition towards a free energy market; Attracting new clients; Setting up a comprehensive […]

Where does the CDP fit into the marketing stack?

Barely have we finished underlining the complexity of this Martech stack, and we are already talking about adding another solution to the pile in the form of the CDP. Ironic? It is if you consider the CDP as just another solution. But much less so if we consider how a CDP amplifies the value of […]

The 5 quests of a modern marketer

A lot of things have changed for marketing teams in the space of just three years. The digital world is clearly no longer seen as an isolated island, and mastering the various channels and solutions requires increasingly specialised expertise. Perceptions of GAFA have also evolved. The general public now harbours a feeling of mistrust, while […]

Commanders Act provides its expertise and experience in aid of marketing teams

Commanders Act has published its white paper on Customer Data Platforms to help marketing teams overcome their challenges Paris, 4 May 2019 – Identified as one of the best-positioned European solutions in the Customer Data Platform sector, Commanders Act are experts in data management and have shared this expertise with marketing teams through their CDP […]

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer

CDP: The new copilot of today’s marketer How to collect and combine all your prospect and customer data? How to orchestrate your activations on an omnichannel scale? How to customize the customer experience? Meeting these challenges requires improving customer knowledge and making this knowledge directly accessible to marketing teams. This is the vocation of the […]

The Customer Data Platform by David Raab

We have interviewed David Raab, Founder and CEO of the CDP Institute, to clarify the definition of the CDP (Customer Data Platform).
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