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TrustCommander: a solution to GDPR’s legal, technological and marketing challenges

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With the announced tightening of the GDPR in France and the emergence of similar initiatives overseas, Commanders Act offers a consent management solution that is safe, customisable and scalable.

Thanks to the development of this personal data protection application, launched in 2012 and natively integrated in the Commanders Act Platform, marketers can further advance towards transparent, personalised marketing that heeds consumers’ expectations.

With the tightening of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in France and the enforcement of similar directives throughout the world, TrustCommander is positioned as the solution best suited for ensuring rigorous and personalised compliance in terms of consent mechanisms and data protection. As such, it provides businesses with an optimal response to the legal, technological and marketing challenges inherent in gaining consent.

TrustCommander: allowing personalised management of consent mechanisms

Representing an optimised version of its Privacy offering, the TrustCommander Consent Management Platform (CMP) from Commanders Act was developed with a view to simplifying and optimising organisations’ compliance with the GDPR. Available as a standalone application or integrated in the TagCommander tag management platform, TrustCommander now supports all consent mechanisms while offering users many options for custom design.

TrustCommander can be used to carry out A/B testing in order to test several consent mechanism versions and assess – based on complete statistics – which one generates the most positive consents. “TrustCommander is the only CMP on the market to be exempted from consent by the CNIL [France’s data protection authority] to produce statistics that are completely anonymous and compartmentalised,” explains Michael Froment, CEO & Co-founder of Commanders Act. “This means that we are able to provide exhaustive statistics, including opt-outs, to calculate a truly tangible user consent rate.”

With TrustCommander, businesses can thus be assured of being compliant with the law for gaining informed and explicit consent, while having access to accurate data on the impact of the selected mechanism and design on their consent rate.

“One of the major issues of consent lies with the user experience,” adds Michael Froment. “Fully complying with the law without sacrificing user experience is a guarantee of buy-in not only for businesses, but also for consumers. Compliance should not be synonymous with uniformity.”

Heightened security in terms of data protection

Compliance, however, must go hand in hand with security. TrustCommander offers additional features to consent that can strengthen the security of the data for the use of which the company has obtained user consent. The CMP thus includes a firewall to block the sharing of this data which the company wants to exclude from its properties. This security applies irrespective of the call mechanism and irrespective of the call rank.

This system serves to strengthen governance and, in particular, to prevent personal data leakage to unreliable service providers. The AdOps and TagOps teams benefit from satisfactory security. “The challenge is all the greater since the GDPR, via the CNIL, now requires the companies concerned to publicly communicate on data leakage, in particular that of primary data,” points out Michael Froment. As such, TrustCommander provides organisations with an additional layer of security in terms of personal data protection.”

Anticipating to adapt to future developments

While the CNIL has already announced a tightening of the rules surrounding the GDPR’s enforcement, other similar initiatives are cropping up around the world. In California, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will come into force in January 2020; in the United Kingdom, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published a guideline in July 2019 on the use of cookies (Guidance on the Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies). For increasingly extended organisations, this means that they will ultimately have to be compliant with all of these local regulations… which is already possible with TrustCommander.

“Our solutions are flexible enough to meet not only the CNIL’s future recommendations, but also all the configurations imposed by these new local regulations,” explains Michael Froment. “The notion of consent is becoming global, and it is up to us, as a CMP provider, to anticipate these changes and to allow users to simply and effectively respond to these major issues that lie at the junction between legal, technological and marketing aspects.”

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